Google’s Android poised to get full Fingerprint support

Google’s Android poised to get full Fingerprint support

Google’s Android poised to get full Fingerprint support about which Google has now decided to update its newly launched phone Samsung Galaxy S6 with a new security feature. That feature is Full Support for Fingerprint Sensor. The Samsung Galaxy S6 has been recently launched. It contains new security feature which other Samsung phones don’t have.

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The Feature of Fingerprint Authentication Support is expected to be revealed in the Android M Operating System at Google I/O conference next week. This knowledge further provided by the people who claimed to be knowledgeable about the Google’s upcoming feature in its software update. So the S6 users to regularly check for the updates on their new Samsung Galaxy S6.

With the new feature Google will launch Application Programming Interface (API) for Fingerprint Scanning to run the application only by the administrator of the Samsung Galaxy S6.

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The Google’s new security feature is being added in the Samsung Galaxy S6 keeping in mind their competitors, Apple iPhone which have the Fingerprint Sensor from long ago. The Samsung is now giving a tough fight to their rivals by adding the new security feature in the Samsung mobile phones too.

Google was earlier asked for the new feature but they don’t commented or answered this question till now.


Earlier the Fingerprint Sensor was added in the phones by Google like Nexus 6 and its Flashgrip was installed by Motorola and it was running on Android 5.0 that is Lollipop. But, later as it went through tests the developers dint find it good as the API was still under developing stage. Though it has now been completed and installed in Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.

So now if the user has now do banking or access gmail the Fingerprint Scanner would be used now.

The users to Samsung Galaxy S6 to regularly visit this address as we will soon let you know about the meeting of Google and about more new features of Samsung Galaxy S6 Fingerprint Sensor. Google’s Android poised to get full Fingerprint support


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