Google’s Project Ara Smartphone

Google’s Project Ara Smartphone to be tested in Puerto Rico

The smartphone users can customize their applications and software but they cannot change the outer look, the hardware, they have to be with the look given by the manufacturers. But Google is coming up with new technology, i.e. Google’s Project Ara Smartphone a buyer of Project Ara smartphone can build and customize the hardware on his own with the help of the parts provided by the manufacturers and the users can put and interchange the parts just like Legos. 


The pilot mode will be first introduced in Puerto Rico as a build-it-yourself test for Google’s Project Ara Smartphone. The builder can make their smartphones according to them by placing screen, camera, speakers, etc. themselves.

Google will release this technology later this year.

The pilot will begin later this year, and the company will use the data to plan for a global launch, Google said at Mountain View, Calif during a conference at corporate headquarters.

The one of the most anticipated smartphone of 2015 will be a phone who’s parts can be changed or replaced very easily according to the users. The Project Ara will be tested at Puerto Rico. It also been said that the user can change and customize the parts themselves for example, camera from one manufacturer, processor from the another, display from another, this means a user can choose whatever they want for their new Google’s Project Ara Smartphone. The user can change parts as the technology updates and replace the older with a newer part.

The Google in total has designed for the 6 Billion people.

This smartphone is for the boosted development and innovation for the worldwide. The main thing is no smartphone will be less than another. The users can replace the older parts with the newer ones so no scope of outdated phone modal.


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