How to Get Started with Video Blogging

Video Blogging

Have you always been interested in using videos for meeting your business interests? Are you wondering How to Get Started with Video Blogging? Well, the answer is right here in this article.

Follow these easy steps and develop an attractive video for your blog (vlog):

Select a theme and consider your target audience

Before starting to shoot the video, you have to decide what the video will convey. Is it about your new product? Is it a product review? Once you have selected the theme, you should analyze your target audience and identify the age group and/or profession on which you wish to focus.

Watch videos

You will learn a lot by watching videos that have been uploaded by others. Go to websites or blogs featuring videos that are related to the favourite subject. Since these videos will have the same target audience as yours, you will get many cues. It is better that you choose short-duration videos, as it will help you focus better.

While watching the video, check out the gestures of the individuals. You should also take into account the way they speak and dress.

Note down the important points that you notice in the videos.

Purchase a video camera

In the beginning, you can start shooting with the camera that you already have. After one shoot, if you are not happy with the outcome, then you can select a video camera based on your needs.

In case, you do not have a camera, then before buying, you should do a research over the web. Learn about the features of the available cameras on various shopping sites.

You can also join online forums of video bloggers and ask them about the cameras that they use and get their feedback. After going through their answers, you will soon be able to decide which camera you should purchase.

Create content 

The video content is different from the content created for blogs. You should not write a speech. Rather, you should write a conversation with pauses at the right places.

Additionally, if you are not comfortable with writing scripts for videos, and prefer impromptu speaking, then you should create a draft. Simply, mention the points that you would like to explain in the video so that you do not digress.

Prepare the environment

What type of background would you like to have for your video? You can have a solid color background by choosing a curtain or a wall.

Ensure that the background color is lighter than the color of your clothes. Otherwise, your audience will not be able to see you properly. You can also select a background featuring the product about which you will talk.

Shoot the video

Now, place your camera on a tripod. If you do not have one, then place the camera at the eye level so that you do not have to look down or look up while shooting the video. In case, the video camera has elaborate gear then you may ask your friends to help you handle it.

Perfect your video 

With a movie-editing program, you can make your video look professional. The programs like Windows Movie maker allow the users to add titles, captions, credits, and even music to the video.

Upload the video

Now, when you are ready with the video, you need to upload the same. Out of many websites offering video hosting services, YouTube and Vimeo are quite popular. By following simple instructions, you will be able to upload the video successfully.

While uploading, do not forget to give your video a keyword-rich title and description. It will help the search engines locate your video easily. After uploading, embed the video on your blog.

Promote it

Video promotion will let your readers know about your new blog. You can promote the video through your blog by inserting the video link in your posts.

Request the readers to post their comments after watching the video. This gesture will encourage them to watch the video even more, as they will realize that you are waiting for their comments.

Video promotion can also be done through social media sites. Mentioning the link of the video in your new status message for letting your contacts learn about your blog.

You may also join the discussions that are related to the theme of your video. Give your valuable inputs and mention how people can benefit from watching the video.

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