Most Amazing Gaming Apps for Kids in 2013

As the world turns digital the future generation which has been given an amazing priority. The gaming world for this future generation has been spiced up with a variety of gaming apps for entertainment and learning. The year 2013 has brought forth a package of more amazing gaming apps for kids of different ages than the past years. The games have really improved computer literacy and creativity levels among the kids. There are quite a number of games and educating apps some of which can be downloaded for free and others at a very low cost. Parents should make use of child tax credit helpline to acquire more information on how to cater for the daily needs of their kids including their leisure and entertainment needs which can be catered through gaming apps. Some of these most amazing gaming apps for Kids in 2013 are as listed and discussed below:
1. Super match game:

This is a card game that is downloaded for free online and it helps a kid's memory to expand. It is also one of the most available educating games and the more it gets to a kid's blood the better for him/her to learn more. The game is provided for free to give every kid an opportunity to download it.

2. Dr. Panda's Daycare:

This is another amazing game that is a quite interactive and requires the player to take care of animals. It is educative and entertaining as well, leaving the players happy every time they play the game.

3. Wildlife Jigsaw puzzle 123:

This game is being downloaded for free as well. It has been one of the most liked games among the kids and this year the game has been made more digital giving the parents a chance to play this game together with their kids. It is an amazing one.

4. Spy with Lola HD game:

This game is only found with the ipads. It helps kid to become great thinkers since it gives the little one a clue of how to go about the game. It is a more interactive game that can be downloaded at a cost of $1.99 only which is very little compared to the fun and lessons that comes with it.

5. Color Drops:

This is a draw and paint game, another amazing game that will leave your kid more entertained and learned. It provides a free coloring page for each category and after that you do the apps purchase to access other categories.

6. Fire Station:

This is another amazing game for kids between the age of three and eight years which allows a player to explore a fire station helper. It is a game that weighs 400mbs since it has embedded videos which are very informative.

7. Just going to the dentist game:

This is another overwhelming game for kids between the ages of two and five years old. The dentist in the game is a male hippo and the assistant being a female hippo. The game allows the player to even record the narrator track and enjoy it later. It cost a player $0.99 only to download this amazing game.


These and more games are available on the internet and every kid has the opportunity to enjoy them now that the child credit tax hotline is always there to help with any information and guidelines.



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