How to reduce your smartphone radiation exposure and stay a healthy life

Smartphones form manufacturers like Xiaomi and OnePlus are emitting a lot of radiations. Here's how you can avoid the radiation.

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Smartphones like Xiaomi Mi A1, OnePlus 5T and iPhone 8 cause a lot of radiation

The Internet is currently flooded with articles related to smartphone radiations. Recently, a market research institute Statista shared the research of the German Federal Office for Radiation Protection (Bundesamt für Strahlenschutz). With the help of the research, they have listed out some of the worst smartphones in terms of radiations. Here are some tips and tricks to save yourself from such radiations.

Use headphones

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Wireless headsets are becoming quite common these days

Instead of just talking on your phone directly via the phone’s earpiece, use a pair of headphones. This is especially recommended for long duration calls. Radiation harms you the most when it gets closer to your brain or your body. So, using a pair of headphones will help you keep some distance from your phone. This will also help you as you can set your hands free for other tasks. Also, we recommend using a good pair of earphones or headphones as cheap ones can harm your ears.

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Do not use anti radiation stickers

There are plenty of cheap anti-radiation stickers available on online websites like Flipkart and Amazon. They claim to reduce the radiation that is being caused by your mobile network. Instead, they increase radiation. If you already have one installed on your phone, we highly recommend that you remove it right away.

Keep your phone in a bag

Phone pocket

Instead of carrying your smartphone in your pocket, it is safer to keep it in a purse or a backpack. Though having a backpack at all times is not possible, you should still try to keep your phone in a tabletop or somewhere away from your pocket.

Avoid calls on a weak network

In case you have less than 3 bars on your network status bar, you should avoid making or receiving calls. When the network signal is weak, the phone will try harder to contact the towers, which results in higher electromagnetic radiation. If you live in an area where network signals are weak, you should ask your cellular provider to install network boosters at your home.


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