Import Photos and Videos from an Apple device to a Windows PC

Many Apple users know how to import their photos and videos from their iPhone to their pc or mac. But still some newbies are there who don’t know how to do this. So, in this post i am going to teach you how to import your media to a “Windows PC”. Its a very easy process.

First you have to connect your Apple iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to the Windows PC using the data cable provided. And then do as follows:-

1.) If your iOS device is locked with a passcode, unlock it so that the process can begin and you could Pair Your Device with your PC or Mac.

2.) Tap Trust, on your Apple iDevice and it will make the computer be added to the trusted list of devices that your iDevice will ask no questions from while transferring your data from the Apple device to the PC or Vice Verse.
trust_this_computer 3.) Now your PC will be able to detect your iOS device as a camera and now you can copy your media like other media devices.

So Just Go Ahead and either press Import Pictures and Videos or just go ahead and open in folder view and copy them manually.

Apple iPad Autoplay

*Note:- This can be only used to copy photos and videos.

Now Your Photos, and Videos are on your PC from your Apple Device.

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