Micromax Canvas 2: A Features Review

Micromax Canvas was quite a rage ever since its ad got aired on the television. What made it all the more popular was its attractive looks and features that was offered at a reasonable price bracket. In the recent past there have been a number of budget phablets in the market and no one really seemed to ‘’get it’’. The Micromax Canvas was clear in terms of offerings and tried its best to offer more at a reasonable price range. Micromax increased the aesthetic value of its phones without increase in the price bracket. The build is fully plastic and has a matte finish back panel that will prevent fingerprints and smudges thus helping in keeping the phone clean. The only that that might not be appreciated by the user could be the fact that it is bit bulkier than Samsung Galaxy Note 2. The reason for the bulkiness could be because of the fact that it has heavy edges that surround the device. Overall, it may be rightly said that the phone is strong and made to last.


The speed of the phone could have been better with the addition of a dual-core CPU, however, Micromax opted for a MediaTek MT6577 Cortex A9 1 GHz CPU with 512 MB of RAM and 4 GB internal storage making it one of the best mobile phones in India. The mobile phone seems to be slow while launching an application. The 5 inch, 854×480 resolution IPS display is not that impressive, reason being the not so impressive viewing angles, pixilation and shoddy colour quality is a turn off. The connectivity in Micromax is fine via 2G, 3G, WiFi and Blutooth. The browsing speed although seems to be slow and dragging which might disinterest the users. The camera has been upgraded to 8 megapixel sensor with dual flash. But, the same still does not qualify as an ideal choice for photography but does click clear pictures of close-up shots which are impressive. The lifeline of this smart phablet relies on a 2000 mAh cell which delivers 5-6 hours of nonstop heavy usage. If you are using the phone for lesser use like, watching videos then the battery life lasts upto 7 hours.

Now, let us talk about the operating system of the Micromax Canvas 2 which is the Android Ice Cream and offers loads of apps and games. It also comes with power management and dual SIM functionality.

Now, let us have a look at the pros and cons of the Micromax Canvas 2:


  • Impressive build and matte back panel prevents fingerprints
  • Value for money


  • Dull battery life
  • Slow for a dual core CPU standard
  • Picture quality not that impressive
  • Has bulky edges thus making the phone heavy


Overall, the Micromax Canvas 2 offers great value for money, getting a 5-inch screen at a price point of around Rs.10K is really a valuable proposition. The screen could have been better, comes out a general expectation. Another, user expectation with respect to the operating system could be replacing the current operating system with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.

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  1. Hunky says:

    MicroMax has taken Samsung for a ride here in India as their products are just getting out matched in price / feature and performance..

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