Most anticipated android games to hit the market in 2013

Android games to hit the market in 2013


2012 saw a number of great gaming releases for the Android platform, and 2013 is already shaping up with Star Command, already hitting the Google Play store and plenty more on the way. Here are our most anticipated Android games for remainder of 2013.


Final Fantasy IV

Originally released on the SNES over two decades ago, this classic turned based RPG saw a substantial update when it was revamped and re imagined for the Nintendo DS hand held system with 3D visuals. Lauded as one of the best games of the Final Fantasy series, Final Fantasy IV boasts one of the most enjoyable story lines and some of the deepest characters of the RPG heavyweight series. This version is upgraded even further with crisper textures and controls designed for tablets and smart phones.


Shadow Run

A classic series that started in 1994 and eventually found its way to the Xbox 360 and PC is now making its debut on Android devices thanks to a kickstarter drive. With an emphasis on story, this 2D turned based tactical RPG that utilizes 3D models is highly anticipated, not simply because of its name, but also because of the possibility of complex battle systems from the table top version making the jump to this Android version.


The Harvest

One of the best games that were previously exclusive to Windows Phone (and Xbox Live Arcade), this action RPG is making the jump to Android, and gaming enthusiasts couldn't be happier. Sporting gorgeous 3D graphics, simple controls, multiple playable characters and a customizable upgrade tree, The Harvest is a game with tons of replay value. Not much different than a modern Gauntlet in a sci-fi setting, this game is sure to please hack-and-slash enthusiasts.


Fists of Awesome

Another kick starter funded game, this one originally started out as a “love game” for the creator's girlfriend. That simple game, originally called “I fight Bears” was the video game equivalent of a love letter, attempting to show how strong his love was for his girlfriend. “I fight Bears” was then re purposed into a side scrolling ‘beat them up’ with a wonderfully unique retro style where the player controls a time traveling lumber jack as he searches for his missing family and tries to figure out why previously docile creatures are now after his life.


The Other Brothers

This 2D side scroller pays homage to the classic Plumber brother duo of Nintendo fame. Packed with humor and innovation, this could be the best side scrolling adventure of 2013.




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