Why Video Conferencing is Good

Why Video Conferencing is Good

Video Conferencing is a process by which two or more people in different locations communicate using an audio-visual device. Video Conferencing is different to video phone calls as Video Conferencing was designed for conferences and meetings rather than casual conversations. Video Conferencing is a great benefit for businesses because it reduces the amount of time spent travelling to other locations for meetings and saves money on travel costs. The reduced amount of travelling also means less carbon emissions are produced. This is something that can be included in a company’s corporate social responsibility report. It also eliminates the need to plan meetings in advance, having a videoconferencing unit is ideal for hosting last minute meetings. Companies that invest in a video conferencing unit will see a quick return on investment. The money saved on travelling expenses and staff downtime whilst travelling will pay for the video conferencing system in just a few months. Here is an example of the savings you could make each year based on using the video conferencing. This data is based on 4 people travelling 50 miles for meetings, once a week for a year.

  • 10,000 miles
  • £10,000
  • 3 tonnes of CO2
  • 200 hours

Research figures from 2011 have shown that 70% of businesses had access to a video conferencing system and used it frequently. Video Conferencing systems are now available from Crown Telecom.

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