Razer to launch its first smartphone on November 1

Razer the company that is famous for making the gaming hardware and accessories has been rumoured to be developing a smartphone for some time now. The company also has been posting a lot of hints all over the social media. Today the company officially announced that it will be debuting its first smartphone on November 1 by putting up a teaser on its official website.

razer phone

In the teaser that has been put up on the website, we can see a person holding a smartphone and written below is the biggest unveiling yet. The company back in January had purchased Nextbit the company behind the Robin smartphone. This was the first hint for the tech industry that the company might be developing a smartphone.

Recently CEO of Razer, Min-Liang Tan said that the company was working on a mobile device which they had plans to launch by the end of 2017. He also said that the device will be focused on gaming and entertainment. Last week Razer’s mobile division head, Tom Moss tweeted out an image of him standing next to Tan who seems to have a prototype unit of the smartphone that the company is building in his pants pocket.

razer phone

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Currently, we only know that the company will be launching the device on November 1. Nothing else is currently known as to what specifications will the device have, or as to what will be its price or availability. However, we will keep you updated as to whatever we get to know about the device.

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