Airtel 4G Smartphone vs Reliance JioPhone: Competition of cheapest 4G phones

Reliance Jio recently launched the cheapest 4G feature phone which is effectively free for the customers. To counter Jio, Airtel today launched a new affordable 4G smartphone which has an effective price of just Rs. 1,399. Both the companies are trying to deliver the cheapest 4G phones.

Karbonn A40 Indian by Airtel
Karbonn A40 Indian by Airtel

In case of the Airtel’s new 4G smartphone, the phone is being manufactured by Karbonn. In order to get the new 4G smartphone from the comapny, one will need to make a down payment of Rs. 2,899. Once the purchase is done, the customer will need to make 36 continuous recharges of Rs. 169. After 18 months of purchase, the customer will be eligible to get a cash refund of Rs. 500. Later, after 36 months, the customer will again get a cash back of Rs. 100 making the total cash back at Rs. 1,500. Purchasing the device at Rs. 2,899 and getting Rs. 1,500 as cash back will make the price of the smartphone at Rs. 1,399.

JioPhone vs Airtel smartphone
JioPhone vs Karbonn A40 Indian

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On the other hand, JioPhone is being manufactured by LYF. The JioPhone comes at a down payment of Rs. 1,500. Unlike Airtel, Jio provides a full refund after 3 years of use. Also, users will need to make Rs. 149 recharge to make the full use of the feature phone.

However, the difference is, the Airtel’s new 4G smartphone offers more functionality as it runs on Android 7.0 Nougat as compared to the JioPhone which runs on a custom operating system.

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