The Reasons Why Businesses Use Magento and Ecommerce Analytics

Magento is the most familiar name in the online ecommerce market for being a reliable and simple to use platform for businesses. Creating an effective website is made easy and there are plenty of features that can benefit businesses along the way. You can have your online business running and working for you quickly and ensure you are making the most of what you can get with the incorporation of reporting modules.

Magento is a familiar name in the ecommerce world and is used by many businesses as an effective ecommerce platform. There are many reasons why the platform is such a popular choice from the advanced features available to use and the shopping cart options. The platform enables businesses to set-up online easily and when you outsource the task to professionals you can really take advantage of additional modules to produce invaluable data with ecommerce analytics.

Some of the main reasons people favour Magento are that its open source and extremely user-friendly. You can have your online business running in the smallest deadline. The platform is free to use with no licencing fees, so all you pay is the cost to outsource the designing stage and for the additional modules you want that aren’t included. This isn’t a downside though as many fantastic features and modules are included; but in order to make the most of reporting and ecommerce analytics, an add-on module can give you the opportunity to run invaluable reports with just a few clicks.

The utilisation of ecommerce analytics in Magento reporting modules will ensure you receive a great return on investment. You will have the ability to identify where products or services are or are not working for you, trends, and what your customers are interested in. You will be able to generate sales reports filtered as you choose from geological area to specific products. This means you can take great advantage of impressive and invaluable business intelligence.

Magento can offer another reason why it’s the most popular ecommerce solution; search engine optimisation. SEO features are preinstalled so you can ensure your website can achieve visibility in search engine results. Ecommerce analytics, SEO and a good design are key requirements to ensure you can run a successful business online. SEO is more familiar to those online today than before and is a really important part of internet marketing. You need to effectively optimise your website to enable the required traffic to reach your site. It’s the design that will keep your potential customers there and encourage them to buy. Then, it’s Magento’s features that will enable those customers to finalise a purchase. The analytics tools you can incorporate will give you the edge.

Magento is the ideal ecommerce solution that can help you achieve an online presence and see sales increasing in no time. The backend admin is made easy, so once you have your design completed you will be ready and raring to go. You can upload your products easily using something as simple as a spread sheet and let the web take your business where you need it to be.

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