Top 3 gadgets for travellers

When travelling, every inch of space in your luggage is a commodity, and every second of time is particularly precious. Luckily, there is a whole host of gadgets that can help you make the most of both. Here are our top three picks:

1. Digital camera

A compact digital camera takes up little space in your suitcase, but helps you capture all those incredible moments forever. Ideal for sharing with loved ones or looking back on your trips for years to come, taking plenty of photographs and videos is highly recommended.

Canon has a great selection of Wi-Fi cameras with compatible printers – this means you can print your photographs while you are away (as long as you have an internet connection), and return to a pile of incredible prints when you return home, ready to share or put into an album.

If a loved one has a compatible printer, you could even send a photo direct to them while you’re still holidaying – the ultimate postcard! Just make sure you use good-quality photo paper and official Canon ink cartridges for professional results. Pick yours up from Cartridge Discount to take advantage of low prices and free UK delivery.

2. Gadget cases

Whether you’re backpacking, heading on a beach holiday or taking a city break, you should make sure to protect your gadgets with a sturdy, waterproof case. This will prevent damage caused by bumps and scrapes in your luggage, as well as by sun cream, water, sand and more.

Duragadget stocks cases to fit a variety of gadgets, including tablets, smartphones and digital cameras. There are even clear waterproof pouches, so you can use your gadgets on the beach or by the pool in confidence.

3. Smartphone

The smartphone is an incredibly versatile piece of kit that will be really handy while travelling. For a short break, keep your device on airplane mode and use offline travel apps to help you find your way around, locate the landmarks or communicate in a foreign language.

You will also be able to browse the net when you have access to Wi-Fi – look out for hotels which offer a free hotspot if you want to surf the web while away, or look out for cafes and restaurants that offer Wi-Fi while out and about.

If you’re taking a longer trip, you might consider an international SIM such as those offered by STA Travel, so you can communicate with loved ones back home and access the internet without breaking the bank.

Don’t forget to add movies, music, books and more to your device before jetting off, so you can entertain yourself on the plane. You can even watch your favorite BBC TV shows while offline and out of the country by downloading through iPlayer.


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