Top 5 Reasons not to buy an Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is a tempting wearable, but there are many reasons to stay away, and here are our Top 5 Reasons not to buy an Apple Watch.

Apple Watch

Starting of with the list of The Top 5 Reasons not to buy an Apple Watch –


The price tag of the new Apple Watch is the first reason not to buy this product. The introductory price of this product is $349, and we all know that’s not the one we want to buy. That is a lot of money to spend on a watch that is an accessory not a necessity. And when you get to the Customization of this thing you go on a crazy budget and get about spending in total when buying the Apple Watch Sport from about $700 – $800.

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iPhone Only

If you are thinking about purchasing an Apple Watch then consider its limited compatibility. The new Apple Watch will only be compatible with iPhone 5 and above. This means that you will not be able to switch to an Android phone, and also that you must have the latest version of the iPhone, but thinking of this we also have to keep in mind that google also does the same thing with the Android Wear, But there are reports of Android Wear coming to iPhone’s so lets hope the same happens with the Apple Watch.

iPhone 6


RunKeeper Apple WatchUnlike regular wrist watches, the Apple Watch needs to be charged regularly, and that means daily. You will not be able to just take this watch off after a long day. You will need to make sure it is on its charger before you go to sleep or you risk your watch dying on you in the middle of the day. Also, if the battery is rechargeable this means that it will possibly have a lifespan of five years like your cell phone, Really Smart move Apple and it will also have a non replaceable battery like the unibody iPhones.

Security Issues

Mint Apple WatchBefore you purchase this product to help track of your health and fitness, think about how safe this information may or may not be. Previously, Apple has had a security breach with the iCloud. This breach allowed hackers access too many files and pictures, the same could happen here with the spammers getting our health and Apple Pay data who knows what will happen. Will the Apple Watch be susceptible to the same type of security breaches? If yes then i’m sorry i’m cancelling my pre-order.

Apple Watch 2nd Gen.

The new Apple Watch will possibly become the first generation, this year(2015) which means that Apple will make upgrades to it and release its second generation. Like previously released Apple products the second generation will outshine the 1st Hugely because of the new add-ons that will become available. And first-generation devices usually have more buzz and fewer features than second generation devices.

Apple Watch

Hit us with your reasons to buy or not to buy the Apple Watch in the comments section below.

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