Top five MIUI features you should know about in 2019: Gestures, System-Wide PiP Mode and more

Xiaomi's MIUI 10 operating system skin is full of features and here are some of the best ones.

MIUI 10 is Xiaomi’s latest software iteration

Xiaomi’s MIUI is one of the most hated as well as loved operating system in the market. Some users love its customisation control and look while others hate it for taking control over their operating system, deviating from the stock Android look and completely changing how Android should look and feel. However, there are some features of MIUI that you should know about.


MIUI 10 Gestures
MIUI 10 Gestures are intuitive

Apple with the iPhone X re-popularised the gestures that were first introduced on devices running Palm OS and Blackberry OS 10 smartphones. Since then smartphone manufacturers are trying to seamlessly integrate gestures into their smartphones. Xiaomi seems to has hit gold as MIUI offers one of the smoothest gesture navigation across the system.

AI Preload

Xiaomi’s AI Preload feature on MIUI 10 learns your app usage and then preloads the apps it thinks you will use at that time. This makes apps load a bit faster and provides a better user experience. It also makes the smartphone feel much faster than it really is.

AI Portrait Mode

Xiaomi’s AI Portrait Mode mode enables the company’s smartphones, even the ones with a single camera on the back or the front to take amazing bokeh shots. The company has been able to achieve this by studying and analyzing millions of photos and has trained its software to detect the background and blur it.

System-Wide PiP Mode

MIUI offers a system-wide Picture-in-Picture mode for all videos played through any platform on their device. Unlike Google’s PiP mode, which doesn’t work in all of the apps that a user is able to get his hands on. Google’s PiP mode only works with devices running Android Oreo and above. Xiaomi’s service works on all their smartphones without any restriction.

Recent apps Screen

MIUI 10 Recent Apps
The recent apps are optimized in MIUI 10

The Recent Apps Screen on MIUI is card based with two cards shown in the width of the smartphone. That enables them to show a full-screen preview of up to 6 apps in one screen offering complete utilization of the display even on the recent apps menu.


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