Ways To Promote Your Online T-shirt Store

These days, creating websites is quite easy. So is setting up an online t-shirt store. With so many different templates and features available online, you can set up your business in no time. Software solutions are Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, Wix, and many more offer features like hosting services and built-in features like domain finder and registrar, logo builder, and much more.

Once you decide on a shop name, build your store and get it running, you have to start thinking about promoting it too. Although many websites help you build your website, they don’t really help you with the promotion. And there are some specific ways you can promote your online t-shirt store.

Here, we list some steps that’ll help you promote your online t-shirt store and sell t-shirt online faster than brick-and-mortar stores.

The First Step: Identify Your Market

Every design has something to say, and says it to a particular group. You’ll need to identify this group; this is your customer base. Think about the designs you create, and what part of the community would wear those.

Once you understand this, promoting your business becomes a whole lot easier.

Step Two: Create An Environment

One of the best promotional ideas is to showcase someone wearing your designs. How do you create an ad that is truly evocative?

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Mood Board

As the name suggests, you make a collection of images, text, and other things that link to a particular feeling or mood.

This will help you identify the kind of message your t-shirts deliver. This can also be used for future references, in case you need more designs and ideas. You can even make your mood board online, on websites like Pinterest.

Ask People

Learn what your friends and family members think about your t-shirt store, the message it conveys to the world, and what environment your products look their best in. A third person opinion could help you get a new perspective on your brand.

Promote your online store


This is the most important thing when it comes to any business. And researching as to how to promote your online website might be one of the most important part.

And it applies here as well. If you know what kind of people like your brand, you can find where they hang out, to understand their personalities. For example, if it’s a cafe, what kind of cafe do they hang out in?

Step Three: Your Models

When it comes to apparel, models play a very important role. They portray the character that your t-shirt needs.

For example, if you sell tees with funky thoughts and abstract designs, your model must have a personality that can match your t-shirt. Someone with tattoos would be an extremely good match here.

Letting Your T-shirts Talk For Themselves

If you’re a boot-strapped startup, funding for models can be difficult to come by. In this case, you can allow your t-shirts do all the communication.

Step Fourth: Build The Brand

Get a logo you can use on your packages and other places. Use a brand voice to help your customers understand your brand message. Create a complete branding vision, and promote your brand on social media websites too, besides newsletters and email marketing.

Ways To Promote Your Online T-shirt Store
Use Discounts To Get Customers To Subscribe To E-mails

Use hashtags, facebook posts, and tweets to reach out to more people from your customer target audience. Even if these customers don’t make a purchase immediately, you can still get them to sign up for your newsletter and try to convert them later.

There are a lot more things you can do in this section to help get your brand recognition. Use discounts and sales (make sure to put up a banner on your website), have contests and prizes for the winners and even get a popular identity to promote your brand (like a youtuber or a critic).


  1. Good article, Really these four steps very important role in a fashion clothing business.If any start a fashion business creating marketing, models, research, build the brand, Create An Environment are very difficult ,but going a proper way its very easy to build your market in online.


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