YU YuFit vs Xiaomi Mi Band

Following the same route as Xiaomi has taken, Yu Televentures has launched its new smartphone the Yu Yuphoria in India with a fitness tracker named as the YuFit Smart Band to take on the Xiaomi’s Mi Band. With a lot of fitness trackers from various companies being flooded into the Indian Markets, it becomes a real pain for the buyer to choose from such a wide variety of wearable devices that are available to him with different features. Therefore, We were really excited to write this post and to pit YuFit vs Mi Band against each other so as to compare which is the best one for you to buy in the budget fitness tracker market. If you are just getting into the market so as to buy a fitness tracker that is cheap and affordable and you are confused between the two of the latest offerings in the budget wearable segment by Yu Televentures and Xiaomi, Read this post as the 2 powers battle it out!

YuFit vs Mi Band


Major Difference

Yufit and Mi BandSo the Major Difference that we discovered between both the fitness bands is that the Yu YuFit comes with a OLED display while the Xiaomi Mi Band does not sport a screen, just 3 LED Lights. The YuFit’s OLED display on the top which shows the user the time, date, details such as the number of steps, etc. It also notifies you of calls and messages just like the Mi Band, but with the screen it makes it more appealing and can give more details than the Mi Band. You can switch between the different modes by simply tapping the on the display of the YuFit.



Both The YuFit and The Mi Band are compatible with both Android and iOS smartphones via Bluetooth which is amazing seeing a cross platform smartwatch, but we are still seeing no sign of compatibility with Windows Phones anytime in the near future. The Mi Band comes and pairs with the Xiaomi’s App The Mi Fit while The YuFit pairs with HealthifyMe App available in App stores.



We simply are in love with the Design of both the bands, which are quite similar as they have the same looking bands that the Fitness Tracker is housed in, Both the trackers have elliptical designs and come with rubber bands with dual locking mechanism and you also can adjust according to your wrist size as both of them have ample holes. Both the devices can be removed from the rubber housing bands and are waterproof, so you can wear them into the shower or use them in rain no problem. The Mi Band has got an IP67 rating but nothing was announced regarding what rating the YuFit has, just on their website YU has written waterproof. Just like the Mi Band, the YuFit also transfers your fitness information to your smartphone via Bluetooth.


Functions Of Fitness Trackers

The Basic Functions of both the bands pretty much remain same like tracking your steps, sleep, distance travelled and calories burnt, The YuFit comes with some of the additional functions like it displays time, incoming calls and messages on its gorgeouss OLED display. The Mi Band is lacking the display but it compromises with 3 LED light indicators and notify the user about incoming calls, daily goals, etc. on the synced smartphone by vibrating. The highlight of the Xiaomi Mi Band is its impressive battery which Xiaomi says is enough to last for 30 days, but with our tests it is giving us near about 50 days of running continuously.



Mi Band Application

Both of the devices come with their own applications that let you pair the bands with your smartphone and lets you access and control of the smartband from your smartphone. Mi Band lets you track your steps and your sleep, sleep mode is sometimes buggy as if you have removed and kept the band aside it assumes you are sleeping and takes that time also into account. The YuFit uses an app known as the HealthifyMe which goes beyond the regular step and sleep tracking, which the Mi Band does. You can enter the food you eat and it’ll calculate the amount of calories you consume in a day and that includes all the Indian foods as well as said by Yu Televentures. All you have to do is not even type the name and the calories in your food just click a image of the food you had and upload it to the app to find out the number of calories you have consumed. You can also track your fitness activities including group coaching, challenges, social fitness networks and achievements.

YuFit App

YuFit Application

You can also have coaches who will listen to you, give you feedback and motivate you in the YuFit App. There are specialized coaches for different activities that you do. For example you can have a nutritionist, a yoga instructor, fitness trainer etc. Yu Televenturess is offering free personal trailer to the first 1000 customers who buy the YuFit Band when it launches next month on yuplaygod.com at a price of Rs 999, which we feel is Amazing. They haven’t mentioned how much it will cost for a personal trainer if you have to pay for it, but we will let you know more about that as we get more information.


Mi Band Battery

Yu has not yet disclosed the battery capacity for the YuFit Band. On the other hand we already know that The Mi Band ships with a 41mAh Battery Pack which is known for having great battery life and upto 30 days as said by xiaomi. Surely the OLED display will hog the power on the YuFit and will surely drain more battery than the Mi Band, but if Yu Televentures has fitted a bigger battery and optimized it well then it could last for almost as long as The Mi Band. For the same pricing, the YuFit seems to offer a load more features as well as a better app for your smart band. While a few of the details are still unconfirmed regarding the YuFit, it seems that Yu has the upper hand at the moment. Just how well it performs, we will have to wait and see.


Both the bands are priced at Rs. 999, which we say are really nice price tags. The YuFit will go on sale starting June 2015 on company’s official website as told to the press on the launch event. First 1,000 YuFit users will get free lifetime assistance from trainers and coaches, all paid and taken care off. The Mi Band has already been rolled out for flash sales twice and is waiting for the third one. And in the second flash sale it sold out in 22 seconds.

YuFit vs Mi Band: Detailed Comparison

 Features YuFit Band Xiaomi Mi Band
Price Rs. 999 Rs. 999
Compatibility Android and iOS Android and iOS
App HealthifyMe Mi Fit App
Display ×
Steps Count
Tracks Sleep
Calories Burnt
Displays Time ×
Notifies About Incoming Calls
Notifies About Incoming Messages ×
Find My Phone ×
Set Alarm



Basically the Design, of both the YuFit and the Mi Band looks identical except for the OLED display. Both of the wearables are priced equally i.e. Rs.999, yet the YuFit has an upper hand over the Mi Band. Because, YuFit comes with an OLED display and the feature find my phone which Xiaomi Mi Band lacks. The Application of the YuFit also offers its user to opt in for coaches and trainers for dedicated assistance, which are seemed to be at a cost, we are told it will be at a reasonable cost. The YuFit is certainly packed with much more features than the Xiaomi Mi Band. Moreover, we found out that the Application for the YuFit is much better and superior than the App for the Mi Band, but that is not a figure for a decision as we love Google Fit more and that is compatible with both the bands. The Final Verdict is that The YuFit is a real value for money device at this price point, and comes with much more features than the Mi Band.

Winner (YuFit VS Mi Band)

The YU YuFit


Do you agree with our verdict? Which fitness tracker among YuFit band and Xiaomi Mi band would you choose? Let us know in the comments below!

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6 Responses

  1. aish says:

    Yu fit is worst

  2. Karthik says:

    Nothing proven means.. You can’t say what is best right now … Not without statistics. (missed to add)

  3. Karthik says:

    Kind of bad review as others are doing. If display is to be so important in a fitness device then Flex and Misfit wouldn’t have been world leader in wearable fitness devices. Grow up people. You are negating Mi band on just a simple display? Remember the only thing which matters in fitness band is “ACCURACY” and “RUGGEDNESS”. MI has already passed hundreds of tests in design and accuracy (with accuracy around 94%+) compared to other 10K+ price tag devices. Yufit has not even proved a mile race. Display? That can die anytime. Who has gurantee for that?

    Need to focussed on fitness with long battery with proven records and sturdy built? Get Mi Band.

    P.S: Not MI related person. IF Yufit proves it worth, the opinion may change but it won’t be biased like hundreds of review like this just based on DISPLAY.

    • Beetel Bite says:

      Hi Karthik,
      We have already tested the YuFit and it is rugged, and it is just like the xiaomi miband just with a screen, therefore it is just an updated model of the miband. It is just not because of the screen we have chosen this product but overall it does more tracking than the miband, and also tells the time.

      • Karthik says:

        Don’t get me wrong. Even MisFit Flash was tested amazingly just by some blogs. However, when it landed to people, it was a mess. Company has to do many thing to make it worth. When it comes to 30+ days usage continuously… that is called as testing and proven! You just testing for some 3-4 days doesn’t prove anything. Also, a classical formal watch will kick out such display any day. MI already has that record. That tracking you are talking is not automatic. Check healthify website. It was junk project tried to compete with people like LiveStrong and Mapmyfitness and went to drain. I have been health app and database developer that I remember all those. You have to enter what you eat or at least take photos. So, in end all comes to manual.

        There are 15+ aspect in a fitness band. MI has record of 12/15. Check the Engadeget site.

        No offence: Point is nothing proven. People need to test it for long time from itchiness of skin, falling of Core, to ruggedness of band.

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