Here's how emojis on iOS 13 or iPadOS powered Apple device will look like

Apple has announced the new set of emojis that will be added to the upcoming iOS update. Here's everything you need to know.

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Here are all the new emojis we'll see on iOS 13.

Apple announced the latest iOS, macOS, watchOS and iPadOS versions at the WWDC conference 2019. While the operating systems are available as a part of a public beta program, they have not been officially rolled out yet. Since the roll-out date is coming closer, Apple has decided to announce the new emojis coming to all of its platforms this year.

Apple is adding emojis that focus more on diversifying human emojis. First, the company has introduced emojis that depict human relations of two people with two different skin tones. Additionally, the company has brought in some disability emojis, including hearing aids, mechanical arms and legs, wheelchairs, guide dogs and more.

There is also a new yawning emoji alongside new dresses including a saree, swimsuit and more. Apart from that, Apple has also added new animals that include orangutan, skunk, sloth and flamingo. Also, there are new food items, such as onion, garlic, waffle, falafel, butter and oyster.

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All the new emojis that are being added to iOS, iPadOS, macOS and watchOS are a part of the recently announced Emoji version 12.0. The new version has already been implemented by Microsoft Windows as well as Twitter. Also, Google is working on bringing the latest version on their upcoming version of Android.

Apple will be adding these new emojis to the upcoming updates of all of its platforms. However, we will need to wait at least until September as that is when the global rollout of iOS 13 is scheduled for.


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