CarConnect is Awesome

Today i started using CarConnect website to start sharing my experiences of my car trips and here is what i think about the website

CarConnect main page

The home page of the website is a really simple and intuitive page  that lets you login with a Facebook account and integrates your data with the website database and shows to you the experiences, cars, etc. based on your interests.

From the home page you can connect with your friends, edit your profile, share your experiences rather it be of a trip or just a long drive, take a look at the leader board of people who are writing about their experiences and are getting recognition from it, you also have a tab for long drives where you can see peoples long drive experiences, then also you can compare cars, get the latest car news and get to know about the latest launches which is awesome. you also get chat rooms to talk about your excrescences.

I started reading peoples experiences there just a while back and noticed that my passion for travelling started to grow and which inturn gave me a new hobby of checking out places, seeing if they are worth to go and then visit the places which is really awesome, as i now feel as free as a bird who can travel anywhere without getting bored while travelling as i get a new experience everytime to tell the people whom i know and i also share it on

it is also really simple and intuitive way to post your experience on their website  as they have everything laid out in details and in very easy steps. It is as simple as 1 2 3... and you are done.

i really hope you guys try it and leave comments about your experiences down below in the comments section.


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