What if my phone had a superpower?

Guys, i have been thinking what would happen if a phone could have some kind of superpowers, and it got me to think What if my phone had a superpower, and if i could choose,  what would i choose and how would i use it.

Nexus 5And i got to a conclusion that if my phone could have a superpower it would be teleportation, as in if i press a button i could be anywhere, You would ask why, and here is the answer, that i could be anywhere with the help of my phone, i want to go to the US i could be there in just a tap, i could even help the country with getting our soldiers anywhere between wars, and get details from another country without even leaving a track.

I could even help the very needy patients who have to get to the hospital immediately but can't due to some mishappening or the other i could help them get to the hospital and which could save some lives, that is amazing you know let your imagination wander off and you can save lives.

Samsung Galaxy S5Even thinking about saving lives it gets to me that how important a life is and that if it could be saved by my phone i will be willing to do anything to save that life, and would thank the god that gave that life and that superpower to my phone.

And so that my phone does not fall into the wrong hands i would have it near me all times so that whenever someone needs me the person has me.

Well i know sometimes it is not possible that our dreams come true, But instead we can all have an awesome phone made by ASUS.

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Tell me which superpower would you choose for your phone, and what would you do with it the comments section below.



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