Evidson AudioWear Z4 Extensive Review

Review: Evidson Z4 earphones

Homegrown manufacturer Evidson came out with their new budget offering for the earphone market. The company claimed that the earphones had supreme audio and powerful bass. The company has been very popular and equally successful in the budget market space. But is the Evidson Z4 a notch above the competition? Let's find out.

Evidson Z4


You buy Evidson Z4 coupled with 3 sets of silicone and a single pair of foam tips. Foam tips get uncomfortable very fast as they don't squeeze like you would want them to. The body of the driver is made up of metal alloy, which gives a premium feel. The unit is light and comfortable for long term usage.

Evidson Z4

The 1.2-metre cable looks to be made up of rugged material on first glance but that just design. The cable is not a flat cable but it is coated with a thermoplastic elastomer which helps to untangle the cable easily. Other than that we have an in-line microphone with a single button for navigating between tracks and picking up calls based on how you click it, but no volume control Sad face.

Evidson Z4

Overall this build is average with cable not good enough and the in-line microphone made up of plastic and the earphones sitting loose.


The device has 7mm dynamic drivers and a frequency range of 30Hz - 20,000Hz. The device has a Sensitivity of 106dB at 1mW and rated impedance of 15.8 Ohms. Earphones were tested with a Pavilion 15 with Bang and Olufsen audio and other different smartphones. With a mixture of FLAC, mp3 files, and online streaming. Earphones provide what they are made for, i.e bass. Z4 provide punchy bass and a kick to the sound. At high volumes, the voice does not break and the bass is controlled, but mid and highs are quite sharp and become uncomfortable over long usage. Higher notes sometimes break and vocals get sharp. Separation of Instruments is not strong as high and mids perform fairly well when listening to music with less bass.

Evidson AudioWear Z4

You are better off using the Silicone tips, which provide good noise isolation and don't leak noise. Whereas, the foam tips are loose doesn't fill up the ear canal and very loose. We recommend buying a separate pair of foam tips for the best experience.


  • Good bass production
  • Metal driver housing
  • No breaking of sound at higher volume
  • Comfortable, and good isolation when used with Silicone tips


  • Finish could have been better
  • No flat cable
  • Only one button on microphone and no volume control
  • Highs can be sharp which makes listening experience uncomfortable


Audiowear Z4

Evidson played their hand to be the winners in the budget earphones market but sadly it has a lot of competition in the market and some of them are better. Evidson Z4 are a bit expensive for what they offer at 1,799. Poor reproduction of mids and lows and steep high could be a deal breaker for some consumers. But if you are a bass lover and listen to songs with a lot of bass music, you will not be disappointed a bit. But overall the earphones has its highs and lows.


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