Exploiting the potential of cloud computing

Cloud computing is a growing technology in today's modern world. Although not many people have implemented it, over time it is expected to get more and more popular. There are many, many benefits to using cloud technology, and businesses around the world are already taking advantage of it. Here we find out what cloud computing is, and how we can exploit its great potential.

Cloud Cover

Which wire is which? Confusion over cables isn't an issue with Cloud I.T.


Most people, in today's age of technology, are growing up with computers. But although many people know how to set up a network, or reset a router if the need arises, it isn't every day that you implement an entirely new system into your business' IT department.

So what, exactly, is covered by 'cloud computing'?

Essentially, a cloud IT solution is a new way to store your files, access your server, and manage your whole system, without having any hardware onsite! Everything you need is available to you via the 'cloud'. A specialist business, set up to offer this amazing service, will host all the space for you, and give you unlimited access to it without you having the overheads of an entire server system at your location. You can do your job, and they'll invest the time, space and money in taking care of the details for you!

Down with overheads, up with efficiency!

Whether you're a new business, or a thriving industry giant, everyone is looking to increase efficiency and look at where they can make savings. Increasing profits comes hand in hand with Cloud computing. The initial overheads of setting up a server, buying the hardware and investing the time to maintain it, should never be underestimated. Cloud computing companies are specialists; they are there to do all of these tasks for you.

Cloud computing gives you the potential of freedom; freedom from worrying about server crashes, downtime and backlog. No more staff taking time from their important jobs to work out why their emails have stopped working, or desperately trying to salvage work lost during a crash. There are no more high costs from upgrades, or buying big extra servers for space and speed. Cloud computing offers a business model that is maintained and managed to the highest standard, releasing you and your colleagues to fully engage in their own roles.

Cloud IT companies are set up with the highest standards in mind, and gives you a complete package. Covering all areas, they offer security packages, antivirus and spam protection to keep your precious data safe and sound.

The proof is in the profits

Past their prime: equipment is quickly outdated, but cloud IT means no more costs for regular replacements


Growth and expansion are two words that businesses are constantly aiming for. Achieving profits and looking into the future is something that Cloud IT computing helps to support and encourage. As your business flourishes, and your needs grow, you can increase your space and service even further to accommodate your needs. Replacement of equipment or outdated technology is no longer a cost you will have to worry about.

Implementing cloud IT gives you an advantage against the competition; most companies would suffer heavily if hardware or technology was to be damaged, get a virus, or even be stolen. Having everything safely stored in a secure off-site location means that your company, and its future success, are safer than ever. Should you need any help at all, a team of professionals are on standby to answer your queries, or visit you onsite if there was ever the need between setup and your routine progress meetings.



In any industry, competition is fierce. Making the most of cloud computing is an opportunity that no company should overlook. Save time, money and space, and give your business the beneficial boost that it needs. Cloud IT computing is, without a doubt, the next step towards efficiency and profit. The potential is there, all that you have to do is exploit it.

About the author: while conducting site surveys for server hosting support at Cheeky Munkey, Tom Reynolds focuses on improving web and locally based hosting in the same time. Even though many companies still have local hosting more and more firms shifts toward cloud hosting due to rise in efficiency.



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