Various Ways to Watch TV on Your PC

The Various Ways through You can Watch TV on Your PC

The price of everything seems to be increasing in spite of fact that the economy is still struggling. This includes many of the things you may enjoy, such as cable television. With that being said, while you do not want to have to forgo watching all of your favorite programs, you can cancel your cable subscription and opt for a few alternatives that are considerably cheaper. These methods all allow you to enjoy watching TV on your computer.

Windows Media Center

One of the most basic ways to enjoy watching TV on your PC can be done if you have a desktop or laptop running on the Windows Vista, 7 or 8 operating system. These machines all have Windows Media Center built in, with the ability to watch TV through it. In some instances, you may need a TV tuner with a USB attachment. This device coupled with the Media Center allows you to connect to all of the channels that are local in your area. Many of them are even available in HD quality. You can also connect to Internet television through Windows Media Center and have access to even more channels in addition to the basic ones.

TV Tuner Stick

A TV tuner stick alone isĀ also a great way to watch TV on your PC. There are many models available on the market that are made by different manufacturers. Generally speaking, these are made specifically for Windows computers and connect via USB. They also come with CDs that you must insert into the CD/DVD drive so that you can install the necessary software and drivers so you can watch TV on your PC/Computer. Installation is easy and the CD will walk you through the basic steps. Once everything is set up, you can attach an included antenna to connect with local channels from your area.

Netflix or Hulu Plus

Many individuals these days choose to opt out of pricey cable subscriptions in favor of other TV watching services like Netflix or Hulu Plus. These both cost an incredibly low $8 per month and offer full seasons of certain TV shows as well as movies. You can enjoy watching old favorites or shows that are still currently airing. Over time, shows and movies are also shuffled to make way for newer seasons and different programs and movies, providing you with good variety. You can watch on your desktop, laptop or even tablet computer.


Another option that is available to you is to tune in to your favorite programs at the official website of TV channels online. Many of the major broadcast networks will air their most popular TV shows online in real-time as they are airing on cable. This gives you just as pleasurable a viewing experience as if you were watching on a TV.


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