How To: Enable Conservation mode on Lenovo laptops

If you own a Lenovo-branded laptop then you might have encountered the message for enabling conservation mode. This message comes up when the battery has stayed at a high percentage for a long time. Moreover, Lenovo doesn't tell you where to enable the conservation mode, it just displays the message.

Enable Conservation mode on Lenovo laptops

Enabling the Conservation Mode in Lenovo laptops

Though turning on the conservation mode is extremely simple and does not take up a lot of time. Lenovo just doesn't tell you where to enable it. Hence, you have to figure it out yourself. Thanks to the internet you were able to reach this How To article so that you can enable the mode easily.

To turn on the Conservation Mode the following steps need to be followed -

  1. Click on the show hidden icons on the windows toolbar. At the bottom right corner.
  2. Once clicked it will show all the hidden icons displayed on your taskbar.
  3. Open the Energy Manager from there. You can find it by hovering the pointer on icons till the text is displayed.
  4. A new window of the Energy Manager will show up.
  5. Now, click the circular dialogue box on the top right of the energy manager window.
  6. After that open the Settings panel on that window. And on the right-hand side, you will see the Conservation Mode with a switch.
  7. Now just turn that switch on. This will turn on the Conservation Mode.


  1. if my laptop dont have energy manager what should i do? my laptop is lenovo ideapad 100 window 10 home single


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