How to turn off Google search history on your smartphone, PC

Google recording search history can be annoying for some people. Here's how you can turn it off right away.

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Google allows users to turn off their search history.

While search engines like DuckDuck Go already exist for the people with privacy concerns, many of us still prefer to use Google as our default search engine. Google, however, keeps a record of every search you do on your smartphone, PC or tablet. So, here's how you can stop Google from keeping notes of all your searches.

How to turn off Google search history on PC, Mac

  • Open up your default browser and head over to this link
  • Now, log in using your Google account if prompted
  • Once logged in, look for the "Go to your Web & App Activity" link and click on it
  • Now click on the pencil icon next to the Web & App Activity and then toggle it off

Once you complete the above steps, Google should stop recording your search history.

How to turn off Google search history on Android, iOS

  • Open the Google app on your smartphone
  • Head over to the more option
  • Now, look for "Search Activity" and tap on it
  • Under the Activity controls section, turn off the Web & App Activity toggle

While it might be great for security and privacy reasons, it can be unsuitable for people who rely on their search history for certain reasons. In case you temporarily wanna search something privately you can always use the Incognito or Private mode in the browser on your PC or smartphone.

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If for some reason you want the Google Search history feature back, you just need to turn on the Web & App Activity feature on your smartphone or PC.


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