How to change Windows 10 default browser from Microsoft Edge to others

Microsoft Edge comes in as a default browser on Windows 10 but you can change you can now change it. Here's how.

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Here's how you can get rid of Microsoft Edge on Windows 10.

Browsers play a major role in today's world of computing. While Microsoft tries hard every year to make their default Windows browser better, people still prefer using third party ones like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. However, it is not as easy as it used to be to change your default browser. Here's how you can do it right away.

In older version of Windows like Windows 7, changing the default browser was just one click after you run the freshly installed browser for the first time. While it is a bit more than just one click on Windows 10, it is not as difficult either. So, follow the steps below to change your default browser from Microsoft Edge.

How to change Windows 10 default browser

  • First, install a third-party browser that you would like to keep as your default browser. If it is already installed, skip this step.
  • Now head over to Windows 10 settings by tapping on the Windows icon and typing "Settings"
  • Once you are in the Windows settings, head over to "Apps"
  • Click on the "Default apps" tab and look for Web Browser
  • Now click on the browser and choose the desired one from the given list.
Select your favourite browser from the list.

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If you have followed the steps correctly, you should be finally free from the Microsoft Edge browser. You can come here and change the browser to another one or back to Edge whenever you want.


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