Jio's upcoming phone might now be called a Smart-feature phone?

Reliance Jio’s upcoming feature phone has been on trend lately and many people are excited to see what Jio is up to with the new device. As per the early reports, Jio’s 4G VoLTE feature phone is supposed to launch on 21 July 2017. The phone is being launched under the brand name LYF. As the phone is said to be really cheap and support basic social apps, it is gaining a lot of hype.

According to a recent report by Techook, the phone’s cost which was rumoured at Rs. 500 is not sure, rather the phone could be priced slightly higher at over Rs. 1000. As per the reports, the company will be bringing few bundles and offers along with the new phone which will bring the phone’s cost down to Rs. 500. However, we still do not have any information on what plans Jio is planning to offer with the upcoming feature phone.

In the industry, phones have been categorised as feature phones, smartphone, communicators, etc. As per the reports, here with the upcoming feature phone, Jio might now introduce a new category, which they like to call Smart-Feature Phone. There have been leaks and rumours that the device is capable of running basic social-media applications like WhatsApp messenger and Facebook. Those rumours might now tend to be a reality as the recent reports claim that Jio will call it a Smart-Feature phone as it is capable of running such apps. This new device will also be able to run some of the company’s own apps.


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