Lenovo launches new future ready laptop lineup in India

On 19 July 2017 one of the world’s leading brands in PC, tablet and mobile phone Lenovo has launched a new series of future ready laptops. The new series consists of amazing designs, sleek looks and high-end technology. They offer the consumer a powerful computing and some pretty cool next generation features, giving the consumer an overall great experience.

Lenovo Yoga laptop

How Do They Make Them Future Ready?

They equip all of their laptops with the latest technology which is not in use currently and by the time they become mainstream you will already be equipped with them. The features they provide and the cost at which they provide are not available in the market in today’s date.

Lenovo future ready


All of their laptops will have at least these following features:

  • 7th gen Intel core processor
  • FHD display
  • Branded speakers
  • BGN 1×1 / 2×2
  • 0 thunderbolt
  • Extended battery life
  • Windows 10

Let’s have a look at these amazing devices and see what they have in store for us.

Ideapad S series

Now, these devices are what we call ideal devices. These are a perfect example of look and performance. They have a stylish and sleek look which makes them more desirable amongst the youth and are quite light which makes them a good portable device. They have up to 8 hours of videos playback with FHD screen along with amazing speakers and great sound quality which makes them a great entertainment pack.

Lenovo Ideapad S

Ideapad 520 and 320

These are what we call entertainment packages. They come with latest multimedia capabilities with a high-end processor with FHD screen and advanced graphics up to NVIDIA 940MX. Ideapad 320 has Dolby audio optimised speakers with crystal clear audio and minimal distortion. Ideapad 520 is the upgraded version of Ideapad 320 with Harman speakers. Both the laptops promise high performance and great battery life.

Ideapad 520 and 320

Yoga 720 and 520

Yoga is not a new name in the market. These are an epitome of style, performance and portability. With 7th gen Intel i7 processor yoga 720 is a great package of style and performance with an amazing display and more than amazing sound quality it gives us a great experience. This masterpiece is ideal for all the youngsters who prefer portability and performance along with the great look and easy handling. Yoga 520 is another addition to slightly fewer features. Both of these devices come with FHD display, NVIDIA graphics and fingerprint scanners. Yoga 720 comes with Dolby audio and JBL speakers whereas yoga 520 comes with Harman speakers. The optional Lenovo active pen provides natural pen experience and pin point accuracy. With the inking feature, the users can now make sketches, write notes and share on the go.

Yoga 720 and 520


Yoga 720 74,500 /-
Yoga 520 39,600 /-
Ideapad 720s 74,850 /-
Ideapad 520s 47,450 /-
Ideapad 320s 34,750 /-
Ideapad 720 42,400 /-
Ideapad 520 17,800 /-

The prices do not include GST or shipping or options and are subject to change without notice. Terms and conditions apply.

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