Netflix hack showcases haptic-feedback on Android making content viewing more immersive

Netflix might bring haptic-feedback in order to make media-streaming more immersive. Here's what you need to know.

Netflix Android
Netflix hack brings vibration to the Android app.

Netflix is a popular media-streaming application and the company tries to make it even better by adding new features. In order to get some ideas about the features, they conduct a hackathon every year, where they allow users to showcase some cool hacks for the app that can help in making the user experience better.

This year, someone came out with a hack called Project Rumble Pak, which became one of the most popular hacks in the whole event. The hack brings vibration to your smartphone making the content watching experience more intuitive and immersive. The employee who made the hack used an episode of the TV show Voltron to demonstrate the feature in action using a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

A blog post made by the company about the Project Rumble Pak Hack, said, "The Project Rumble Pak hack day project explores how haptics can enhance the content you’re watching. With every explosion, sword clank, and laser blast, you get force feedback to amp up the excitement. For this project, we synchronized Netflix content with haptic effects using Immersion Corporation technology."

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Though the feature sounds cool, it is not sure whether it will make its way to the official version of the app or not. However, if the company is able to bring some sort of option, it would be much appreciated by people who tend to watch a lot of action content on Netflix.


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