NinjaStik - Anonymous in 60 Seconds

NinjaStik - Anonymous in 60 Seconds

What is NinjaStik?

NinjaStik is a Device that allows it's users to be able to do anything on the internet and anyone's PC anonymously. Used with any PC, it leaves no trace on the PC that it was ever used. Users can browse any website, leaving no data on the PC, no tracks with the service Provider and the website they are accessing is not able to determine their real IP address.    The NinjaStik has a familiar windows like feel to be easy for it's users to use it. It starts up be plugging the NinjaStik to the computer and turning on the PC and selecting boot from USB drive after that it asks for the pass phrase to decrypt the software on it after that it asks for the normal password like a normal windows PC then after all this it checks with the TOR service has started or not and in total it takes only 60 seconds to make you anonymous.

How Does it make you Anonymous?

The NinjaStik software that comes on a USB 3.0 flash drive is fully encrypted with a 256-bit encryption that ensures that only its owner has access to all the content on it. The encryption used on it helps the person to be anonymous as it does not leave a trace on the host computer or the Internet Service Provider, this is the level of encryption that all main countries use for their military to secure the top secret data of the country.

How is it used?

  1. Plugin the device into a USB Port(Recommended - 3.0 port)
  2. Turn On the PC or if it is switched on Restart it.
  3. Press the button specified on the boot screen to go into the boot menu (Most of the times - Esc Key)
  4. On the Boot Menu Select Boot From USB Stick
  5. Wait for the Passphrase screen and enter the Passphrase.
  6. On the second screen it will ask for a password enter it.
  7. Home Screen would show up and a TOR window will open up showing that if TOR is up.
  8. Do whatever you want now there is no need to worry that someone can know what you were doing. In short you are anonymous now.

 Who Uses The NinjaStik?

Bloggers -

The Bloggers who want their identity to stay a secret and not get revealed, so that they can provide great content to people may it be legal or illegal, without being guilty or getting caught.

Professionals -

NinjaStik is for the professionals who need their files everywhere with them with or without the internet, that means they need to carry their Laptops or bulky Hard Drives or Pen drives(with a risk of getting a virus onto it). And yeah without the internet the cloud storage will also not work so at this time only an Ninja Stik can save they which has an cool and a very familiar desktop kind look and boots right into the owners desktop while connected to PC.

Travelers -

The People who travel alot need to have a NinjaStik with them as an essential as it would cut on their baggage weight and also be a very handy and useful thing that allows the person to plan all his trips with files and stuff on just a USB stick which is protected with highly secure parameters.

Online Customers -

The People Shopping Online and having a good or a bad experience with a company wanting to write something somewhere about the company so that the company doesn't get to know the author, or a person wanting to be anonymous somewhere to gift someone something special due to various reasons.

Reporters -

Reporters always have to travel plus they have the most dangerous job as they have to go to everyplace and have to cover every news ranging from normal to most dangerous for that they need to have with them a NinjaStik so that the signal transmission is over an encrypted network and they can do with just a camera leaving all the necessary equipment out.

Celebrities -

Celebrities have a personal life leaving the stardom aside which the most of them don't want to publicize and for connecting to their family and friends they need social networking, emails, blogs, etc. but mainly any of these can be traced or gotten traced by overly attached fans and this can be really humiliating. For this the celebrities can use the NinjaStik which they can carry with them always and connect to people only they want to, being anonymous to all the others.

Workers -

NinjaStik can be used by workers of a company or society to leak out some important information about a company which is very useful for the people outside of the company and for this the workers can highly be rewarded but it includes huge risk as if the worker is detected he might be thrown out and get a bad reputation among other companies and cannot get hired. But with the NinjaStik the workers are very safe and they cannot be detected by anyone.


Pros And Cons




Handy No Games
Well Known O/S degign Could Have included more Applications
User Friendly A Little Bit bulky with the box
Lightning Fast Less Memory to carry Big Files
Well Crafted
No Lag
No Issues


Where Can You Get The NinjaStik?

The NinjaStik is openly available at NinjaStik's Official Website



As per us you should go in for the NinjaStik as it guarantees you Anonymous in only just 60 seconds and if you feel they are pricey even after the discount they give on purchasing with bit coins, they also giveaway the secret of making one but it is very time consuming as per the low cost. We surely give it a Definite BUY.


The Giveaway of 2 NinjaStik's will be done on our website next week so don't forget to register yourself in the freebie race.

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Best of Luck

Here Are some of the Pics of the NinjaStik's we would be giving away

The NinjaStik - Anonymous in 60 Seconds


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