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What's new in Message Me?

The Message Me app is one you will find for both the Apple iOS and the Android operating systems. This article explains a little bit more about the Message Me app. But, if you are looking for a quick answer to “What’s new in Message Me app?” the most recent development is that the version V.1.0.5 has had a few bugs fixed in it, and that a few people are complaining about a Facebook issue.


What is the Message Me app all about?

It is a fun and fast way to chat with your Apple or Android device. It removes the need to send SMS texts and instead allows you to send messages over the Internet. This may seem a new, inexpensive and novel way of sending messages, if the concept has not already been invented decades ago. An email is actually a free message that is sent securely over the Internet. The concept of sending electronic messages is not new. The Message Me app has simply presented it in an SMS format, without actually charging for SMS messages.

Just like with emails, you can contact anyone at any place in the world by dropping them a message. The message is free no matter how far you send it, and the network is secure. The messaging platform is also similar to email in that you can also send files with your message. You can send lots of things, such as music, videos, images, etc. You can also draw things on the pictures before you send them to your friends.


The Facebook issue that people are griping about

There is already a Facebook messaging app that does the same thing as the Message Me app. The difference is that with the Facebook app you can search for your friends and family on Facebook and send them a private message. The Message Me app will allow you to sync your Facebook account but then will not allow you to search for your friends on it. You have to invite a friend onto the system so that you can contact him or her. People feel that this is a big injustice and are calling for an update to the Message Me app, even though if people want this function so bad, then why not just download the Facebook messenger app?


The Message Me app has some good features

The fact you can chat for free is quite good, and the app has no ads so you do not need to worry about that. There are lots of features such as the Facebook sync option, group chats, posting YouTube videos to messages, sharing photos via Instagram, a secret pin number, etc.


Security is a great part of the system

It is secure enough to send messages with the same confidence that you would send messages via an emailing system. This is a great boon for the app, since a lot of other apps fail on this point and render themselves as nothing more than playful little devices.


You do not have to put up with adverts

The Message Me app brags that when you use the app, you do not need to put up with adverts of any kind because they are not running any on there. Although, there is no guarantee that they will not change that policy in the future.


You get unlimited chat for free

You do not have to pay to use the app. The only thing you pay for is the Internet you use to connect to the system. It uses WiFi, EDGE, LTE and 3G.


You do not have to pay additional fees

There are no carrier costs like there are with mobile phones and there are no International costs as you may find with SMS texting. You can chat for free to people from around the world and you will not receive any additional fees from the app itself.


You can add contacts to your device quite easily

You can invite people from Facebook, or you can give people a secret pin number so that they can contact you via the app. You can use the group chat feature to help you stay in touch with all of your friends and family.


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