Nokia 8110 to soon get WhatsApp, YouTube and Facebook says HMD Global

Nokia to soon provide dedicated WhatsApp, Facebook, and YouTube apps on the Nokia 8810 and the Nokia 3310 feature phones.

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The Nokia 8110 feature phone is yet to launch in India.

Reliance today at its AGM announced that the JioPhone running on KaiOS will soon get dedicated WhatsApp, Facebook, and YouTube applications. The company alongside the announcement also launched the JioPhone 2, which you might want to purchase or skip. The company made it feel that this announcement was specific to the JioPhones, HMD Global's CPO, Juho Sarvikas made it very clear that it wasn't.

In a tweet, Juho stated that WhatsApp will soon be coming over to the Nokia 8110 4G, due to the fact that KaiOS as a whole is going to get the support for WhatsApp, Facebook, and YouTube. You can see the same in the tweet embedded below.

Though the tweet seems to be geared towards the banana phone, the Nokia 8110, it seems as if all the smartphones running on KaiOS including the Nokia 3310 will be getting these applications. Considering that there is still a huge chunk of customers that want to use a feature phone instead of a smartphone just to keep their lives simple but still crave to use a few apps like WhatsApp and YouTube, might just bring more people back to using a feature phone.

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In other news, the Nokia 8110 4G is currently available for pre-ordering in the European markets and is available to purchase in the US, Singapore, UAE, and Saudi Arabia. The Nokia 8110 4G runs on KaiOS a forked version of Google's Android operating system.


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