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COVID-19: As coronavirus pandemic spreads, video calling apps surge in popularity

Due to COVID-19 lockdown, people are downloading and heavily using video chatting apps like Zoom Cloud Meetings, Skype and more.

Facebook Down: Users across India facing issues

Facebook down in some parts of the world including India alongside WhatsApp and Instagram. Here's what you need to know.

CERN will no longer use Facebook Workplace, due to privacy issues

CERN on Jan 31 announced that it will stop using Workplace, due to members not using the platform much along with concerns about data privacy.

Facebook owns WhatsApp, Instagram and they want everyone to know that:...

Instagram and WhatsApp to be rebranded as "Instagram from Facebook" and "WhatsApp from Facebook" respectively. Here's why.

Facebook Messenger Kids app bug allows group chats with unknown people

A new bug in the Facebook Messenger Kids app allows the kids to get into group chats with unapproved people.

Facebook to soon launch its Libra cryptocurrency worldwide

Facebook is soon set to introduce its Libra cryptocurrecny around the globe. Here's how it will compete against Bitcoin, Ethereum and more.

How to check if your friend has blocked you on Facebook?

Facebook is all about friends yet it does not notify you when someone blocks you. Here's how to find it out.

Facebook Messenger finally gets Dark Mode: Here's how to enable it

Facebook finally rolls out the much anticipated Dark Mode feature for Messenger for Android and iOS. Here's how to enable it right away

Top 5 messaging apps for Android and iOS: WhatsApp, Hangouts and...

Confused between hundreds of messaging applications. Here are the top 5 cross-platform messaging apps that you must try out.

Facebook Lasso launched : Will it be the next Tik Tok/Musical.ly?

Facebook has introduced its new Lasso app, which is quite similar to the popular short video app, TikTok earlier known as Musical.ly