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How to enable Dark Mode on WhatsApp on Android

WhatsApp Dark Mode finally available on Android, here's how you can enable the new feature on your smartphone.

WhatsApp down, people unable to send messages, media files: Now back...

WhatsApp services have been down since 4:41 PM IST, people unable to send or recieve messages or media. WhatsApp down trending on Twitter.

How to setup fingerprint lock on WhatsApp?

WhatsApp finally brings App Lock service on its Android client. Here's how you can use App Lock on WhatsApp for Android and iOS.

WhatsApp now supports App Lock, Consecutive Voice Notes and more on...

WhatsApp for Android finally gets much-awaited features like App Lock, Consecutive Voice Notes and more. Here's what you need to know.

Facebook owns WhatsApp, Instagram and they want everyone to know that:...

Instagram and WhatsApp to be rebranded as "Instagram from Facebook" and "WhatsApp from Facebook" respectively. Here's why.

WhatsApp now notifies users of too many forwarded messages: Here's how

WhatsApp to soon start notifying users if the message has been forwarded more than five times. Here's how it works.

WhatsApp might soon be able to run on multiple devices: Here's...

WhatsApp might soon allow users to run the application on multiple devices at a time. Here's what to expect.

WhatsApp to make media sharing safer with its upcoming update

WhatsApp will now ensure that you do not share media content with wrong people. Here's how the new feature works.

Top 5 WhatsApp features that you are not using, but you...

WhatsApp has introduced hundreds of features since its launch. Here's how to make use of most of them in your daily life.

WhatsApp to soon allow users to share stories to Facebook: Here's...

WhatsApp is currently working on two new features, one of which, will allow users to share their status as Facebook stories. Here's how