Pubg Mobile Lite 0.14.0 update brings new winner pass and other changes

Tencent Games has introduced a new Winner Pass and many other changes in its latest update to the PUBG Mobile Lite game.

PUBG, PUBG Mobile, PUBG Lite, PUBG Lite Mobile
Mobile Lite is a lighter and hence faster version of the famous game PUBG

Recently, Tencent Games have released the PUBG Mobile Lite globally which is a tad bit faster due to it being a lighter version of the PUBG Mobile. This update received massive success all around the world for a wide number of devices. This week the game users are getting Lite-specific in-game rewards.

Like PUBG Mobile's Royal Pass, PUBG Mobile Lite sports a WinnerPass which are similar to each other. This system allows players to participate and complete in-game challenges and get exclusive and rare in-game rewards. Tencent Games is celebrating the success of the game and released a massive 0.14.0 content update with an all-new in-game event.

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PUBG, PUBG Mobile, PUBG Lite, PUBG Lite Mobile
The game is offering rewards for its players to celebrate the success of the game

From now until Sunday, Sept 15th, players who log into PUBG Mobile Lite for a total of 10 days will receive a WinnerPass Season Upgrade card to unlock Elite WinnerPass Season 4 for free of cost. Also, there are various other challenges as well in the game which will offer many exciting skins, costumes and more for its players.

The in-game event comes just a limited period of time after the game earned the most popular mobile game on numerous global charts in its available regions including Turkey, India, Russia and certain regions of the Middle East. It has already claimed the number one spot among free-to-download games in multiple regions and received a “New Game” recommendation and promotion on Google Play Store.

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Features added to PUBG Mobile Lite 14.0 version

  • New WP theme and rewards
  • New outfits added
  • Updated system settings
  • Added customization guide
  • Added emotes
  • Improved UI & update pack size
  • Improved graphics
  • Battle parameters improved
  • Increased accuracy of RPG-7
  • Added bombing zones

PUBG Mobile Lite is now available to download and play on the Google Play Store in several regions of South Asia, Africa, and East Europe. The game boasts a smaller download size and supports more mobile devices. The game is able to run smoothly on devices with less than 2GB RAM.


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