SportsBot 3-in-1 Gaming Combo Review: Gaming on a budget

SportsBot 3-in-1 Combo looks great. However, can the performance beat our expectations?

soundbot, sportsbot, keyboard, mouse, headset, headphones with mic, gaming, budget gaming
SportsBot 3-in-1 Combo looks great. Can the performance beat our expectations?

SoundBot, a Southern California based company has recently stepped into India with a wide range of products. SportsBot is a lineup by SoundBot introduced specially for gaming peripherals. The company recently introduced the SportsBot 3-in-1 Gaming Combo that comes with a gaming keyboard, mouse and headset. Is it the best Gaming Combo for budget PC gamers?

SportsBot Gaming Keyboard

The keyboard is one of the best parts about this combo. The keyboard measures in at 480x187x28 mm and weigh in at around 800 grams. It comes with a total of 114 keys which are rated for up to 10 million clicks. The keyboard is backlit and connects to the computer via a USB cable that is around 1.6 meters long.

soundbot, sportsbot, keyboard, mouse, headset, headphones with mic, gaming, budget gaming
Crosshair style lights might impress people who play a lot of FPS games

The gaming keyboard is designed in such a way that if you turn off the backlight the letters on the keys get almost invisible which gives it a minimalistic look. However, the blue backlight is not too bright but does the job in dark.

In our period of testing the keyboard, we felt that the keys are not so comfortable for long writing seasons. However, gaming on the keyboard is quite comfortable. The one thing we loved about this keyboard is the Win Lock functionality. Pressing the Fn+Win Keys together activate Win lock which basically disables the Window key. Gamers usually tend to press the window key by mistake and the Win Lock feature makes sure that your gaming session is not disturbed because of a mistouch.

In terms of quality, the keyboard was average which is something we can't complain about at this price point.

SportsBot Gaming Mouse

The SportsBot Gaming Mouse comes with a total of 6 buttons including the DPI switch and the scroll wheel button. The mouse has 4 levels of DPI resolutions including 800, 1200, 1600 and 2000. We would have loved to see a software for the mouse in order to customise the DPI levels and also turn off the blue LED light glowing all around the mouse.

The mouse also has two buttons on the side which by default act as the Forward and Backwards key while they can be customised under the in-game settings. Having extra buttons on the mouse is always advantageous in games like CS:GO.

The SportsBot Gaming Mouse has great ergonomics and feels comfortable even after long hours of usage.

SportsBot Gaming Headset

The Gaming Headset is something that we did not like much in the combo. The headset sounds all right but was not very comfortable for long gaming sessions. Also, the mic that comes attached to the headset

soundbot, sportsbot, keyboard, mouse, headset, headphones with mic, gaming, budget gaming
The headset are not comfortable for long gaming sessions


For a price of Rs. 2,486, the SportsBot SS301 3-in-1 gaming combo is great deal. The keyboard and mouse are great while the headset could have stayed out of the combo. The whole combo gives a nice Blue and Black theme to your gaming setup. Budget gaming mice and keyboard usually skimp on lighting or providing extra buttons. However, SportsBot did not compromise with the features and making the devices look extraordinary. Where they did compromise a bit was the quality. Though the plastic used was not something remarkable, the combo will deliver at least a year's usage. If you are new to PC gaming, the


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