What if Steve Jobs went shopping?

Hey guys, today I was wondering that how would have Steve Jobs the icon for many people in the technology industry, the person who revolutionized the whole tech industry from the boring and business related gadgets to the fun and modern tech right now, went shopping. steve jobs apple store fifth avenue 2006I know that people from the previous generation think that shopping online and sharing personal details online is not really safe, and they feel that shopping offline is the way to go. But what they leave and it is a potential thing is comparing between all the brands, companies, stores and getting the highest discounts that would help them save some money. But I know Steve, would not do it the conventional way and would love to buy stuff online, be it clothes, accessories, gadgets, etc. he would love buying the stuff online and supporting online trade. Well, seeing and studying Steve’s personality I can guarantee that he I a kind of person who grew up in hardship and loves to save the buck wherever he can and he also loves and appreciates great design, so I guess he would usually shop baggout.com. Well Baggout is a shopping website which as per your interest displays products that you can buy and when you press on the product it compares and shows you on which website would get the best deal, and which would offer you the most discount. Well as per Steve’s interests and if he connects his Facebook account which is totally recommended as he would now be shown products related to his lifestyle such as he would get a turtle neck and a light blue jeans and not forgetting the sports shoes in one place and not forgetting that he could save a lot on that website. Plus his interest in technology he would be offered gadgets suiting his needs and would also get a list of the trending gadgets and he would go in for new stuff every day from that website. I know some of you guys will be like Isteve jobs in apple store think Steve Jobs the person who started Apple Inc. would be interested in buying stuff, but if you read his biography he loved buying his own stuff, and this website being so convenient he would be ordering online daily for stuff as it is no more botheration for him to go the stores and surf them select and the pay, drive back home and then get to use it, It rather be so easy for him to select, order and wait a little for his stuff to get delivered to him in just a few clicks. And if he was alive at the moment, I can guarantee that he would have been buying stuff using this website. And not being worried about a thing and in return putting more efforts in making and innovating new and cool stuff which takes our world of technology to a new state of art, the technological world wouldn't have had been the same without him.


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