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Brainwavz M30

Brainwavz M3: Extensive review

Brainwavz M3: Premium Noise Cancelling Earphones on A Budget Right off the bat, I will say buying the Brainwavz M3, you are basically going for a quality studio earphones. The sound is loud and just...

Evidson R50

Evidson AudioWear R5 the earphones to get under 1k

Evidson AudioWear R5 – Top Tier Earphones on a Budget The Evidson audiowear R5 are a pair of genuinely good looking in-ear style earphones that sound great and fit in the budget segment. The...

Altec Lansing Bluetooth Headphones1

Altec Lansing Bluetooth Headphones MZW300 Review

Altec Lansing Bluetooth Headphones MZW300 Altec lansing Bluetooth Headphones might not be the headphones you buy to show-off your friends, But when you put them on you will immediately know that they are worth it. The...