The Smartest Voice Assistants

The Smartest Voice Assistants (until 2015), we will be updating this list pretty soon, however, its now 2017, and not much has changed on the list. Which is also the reason for us not updating this list, however, if you can’t wait you can go ahead and read our Here are the Top 5 ways to better use your old smartphone list.

Which one is the Best Voice Assistant as per you?

The Amazon Echo Voice Assistant, Google Now (for Android, Android Wear, Google Glass, Chrome Browser, iPhone, iPad, Android TV, Android Auto), JIBO (The World’s First Family Robot), Siri by Apple (for iPhones and iPads), Cortana by Microsoft (for Windows Phone devices), however, due to Microsoft discontinuing Windows Phone, it seems as if we will only be seeing the Cortant Voice Assistant in smart speakers that the company launches.

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Hope with the video embedded above we were able to solve your question, as to which is the Best Voice Assistant for you currently. We think of this as a very important list due to the growth we are seeing in the market of Smart Voice Assistants, and how new players like Samsung are trying to enter the market with their smart assistants like Bixby.

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