Top 5 password manager apps: LastPass, 1Password and more

With so many social media and other apps around, we often tend to forget our passwords. So, here are the top 5 best password manager apps.

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Password manager apps make your online life easier and safer.

Today almost everyone has dozens of social media accounts and keeping the same password for everything is not safe. Also, keeping different passwords makes it difficult to remember. So, to solve that problem we have tons of password manager applications available. Here are the best ones you should try.


If you have heard about password managers, I am sure you have come across an app called LastPass. It is one of the most popular password manager applications. It brings dozens of features including auto-filling passwords into apps, multiple-platform support, highly secure passwords and more. The app even allows the user to store photos and audio notes securely. Other interesting features include fingerprint or FaceID support, password auditor and the ability to grant emergency access to a friend or family member.


Just like LastPass, 1Password is another popular password manager application. It has been around for a long time now. This one also brings tons of features including password generator, cross-platform support and more. It also comes with password unlock and other organization and safety features.


password, password manager, passowrd manager apps, dashlane
Dashlane brings tons of features on board.

Unlike the above-mentioned applications, Dashlane is fairly new to the business. The app does bring promising features even on the free version like good encryption, auto-fill, security alerts, storage for up to 50 passwords, and usability on a single device. Dashlane is available on Android, iOS, Windows as well as MacOS.


password, password manager, passowrd manager apps, bitwarden
Bitwarden takes security seriously.

In case you want to take your password management game seriously, this app is for you. Bitwarden is a new password manager app that comes with much higher encryption, which includes AES-256 bit encryption, salted hashing and PBKDF2-SHA-256, which is a technology that helps prevent brute force attacks. Interestingly the app is free to use.

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Google Smart Lock

Unlike all the above password manager applications, the Google Smart Lock is free to use. If you are using an Android phone and prefer Chrome browser on your PC, this password manager is the best. You don't need to install any application for this as it comes pre-installed on Android Pie devices.


  1. How can one take your article serious, when you fail to list the best password manager in the top 5? Keeper is leaps and bounds above the rest with their security, dark web monitoring, uptime, and ease of use.


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