What is project /e/? Should you install it on your Android smartphone?

Project \e\ was developed with privacy in mind and helps people keep their data on their phone.

EFoundation , e-project
Project /e/ is built for securing your Android powered device.

Have you ever thought about how secure your Android device, let’s be clear, not very much. Now you might be wondering why? It is because due to Android being open source many apps can track you. However, if you are even a bit into flashing new ROMs onto your smartphone or even rooting your mobile /e/ might be the thing you want to read about right now.

The /e/ ROM helps enhance device security and makes your Android powered smartphone much more secure. /e/ is a project of the E-Foundation, which is focused on enhancing a user’s device security by restricting anything that logs user data. As per the company,  /e/ is a non-profit project, made in public interest. The E Foundation is building an open-source mobile operating system, which respects a user’s data privacy.

Project /e/ provides a great and unique mobile operating system alternative, stripped down of all the services that might collect and use user data. Things like Google services that collect user information anonymously are stripped down and replaced with things like microG services which enable users to enjoy the benefits of Android without Google collecting their data.

Most important of all, these services are open source. Being open source makes it possible for meddling users to actually look at the source code and find out, whether they are sending the data to any servers or not.

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Why Do I need Privacy?

The “Digital Content Next”(*) study published back in August 2018 by Prof. Douglas C. Schmidt, Vanderbilt University, shows that mobile phones, even when using no Google services, connect to Google Servers multiple times per hour (91 times per hour for an Android mobile with a total amount of 116MB of data sent on a single day, and 51 times per hour for an iPhone, corresponding to 57MB of data sent to Google servers). With MicroG services, the devices connect almost never.

Small things and optimizations like that makes the \e\ project entirely disconnect. This enables users to keep all of their data on their phones.

Overall, this enhances privacy on a mobile phone by an astronomical amount. So if you are looking for a secure mobile operating system, check out the project /e/.


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