WhatsApp starts banning users running modded version of their app

Users lured by added functionality of modded versions of WhatsApp are not facing a ban.

WhatsApp is the most famous internet messaging platform ever.

WhatsApp was always against the unofficial versions of the app that have been luring users by their added functionality such as themes and more. The company has now started taking action against those users. WhatsApp will impose a temporary ban on users using the unofficial versions of the app. Users can get unbanned and recover their chat history if they switch back to the official version.

Third party clients of the popular social messaging platform have gone so much viral due to the face that they offer many additional features that the users desire to have but the company hasn’t implemented them yet in their platform. The company, however, is not slow and rolling out many new features, such as group invitation restrictions, easier file sharing, and advanced message search features slowly.

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The reason Facebook-owned organization gave is that the while the third party services and applications give more control to the users, they also compromise on security and privacy which is a big issue for the Facebook group these days. Many of these third-party services have also pretended to be the real developer to take on the apps store in pursuit of stealing data of millions of users.

WhatsApp, hence as a precaution to protect their users and stop data leaks is showing a message that the user is temporarily banned and needs to install the official version of the WhatsApp to continue using their services again. However, the biggest doubt still remains. We are not sure that the company will restore their chat history or they will need to start with a cheap slate. Either way, to protect your data and prevent it from getting leaked, the best option is to uninstall any third party versions and revert back to the official version of WhatsApp provided free of cost by the developer themselves.


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