4 ways to reduce lag in online gaming

Here are a few simple solutions that will enhance your gaming experience and make sure you never face lag or latency issues ever again.

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The biggest issue that online gaming brings along is lag. (Image: Cisco)

Online gaming is gaining ever more popularity. Why? Constant improvement in graphics, gameplay, and the story is amongst other reasons. What makes online gaming possible is the internet. Internet speeds keep increasing and the online gaming experience continues to evolve. The road though is not as smooth as it sounds.

The biggest issue that online gaming brings along is lag. You may be playing a great game, about to fire the last shot the ends the game, about to score in the dying seconds, or just about to finish up strong. You experience a little interruption, a split second of communication interruption, a little distortion in the display and boom it is all gone. Shot never fired, a goal never scored and lost the game. It is more than disappointing, it is frustrating!

Does the question remain how to get rid of it? Read on to find out a few simple solutions that will enhance your gaming experience and make sure you never face lag or latency issues ever again.

A faster internet connection

This is one of the easiest solutions one can come up with. Faster is always better. If you feel that there is nothing wrong with your Spectrum internet connection and the game still lags. You have also checked your system and there is nothing else you can do, then it is time that you upgrade your internet. Faster internet is capable of handling the greater load and carry more data per second.

If you want to know exactly what speeds would work for you, we’d have to refer to an FCC guide. They categorize a single devise use as basic, add two devices and you have medium use age and lastly, four or more devices fall into the advanced category. Everyone owns a computer and a smartphone. That’s two devices right there. You have more than one person sharing the same internet connection and you are already in the medium category. It is safe to conclude that a 25Mbps connection should be enough for you to enjoy a smooth gaming experience.

Use a gaming router

Yes, there are routers specially designed for gaming purposes. These special routers are specifically designed to make the most out of your internet connection and get you great online gaming experience.

Among other great options, QoS is one of the best ones. It works like a traffic signal and prioritizes your internet speed to the preferred device. This means that you get a major chink of whatever bandwidth you get. Advance gaming routers will also enable you to manage bandwidth for multiple devices.

Go for a wired connection

Like the previous fixes, this one also relates to the internet. The wireless connection does offer ease and flexibility but it also comes with a fair share of troubles. This flexibility can face an issue like objects in the way to clash with other signals travelling in the vicinity. This may cause distortion and you may not be able to get the maximum speed promised by your ISP.

To make that you get the best available speeds out of your internet connection, skip the ease, where possible, and go for a wired connection. An Ethernet connection ensures you lose minimum speed from router to device and you get great online gaming experience.

Defrag your hard drive

This one relates to the wellbeing of the system software. You need to ensure that all the plugins, software, and other apps are up to date. This ensures optimum output especially when there are no bugs in the way. This also helps keep the system clean from viruses and malware that can further slow down your system and cause lag.

Disclaimer: This is a guest post submitted to Beetel Bite by a freelance writer, Nauman Abrar.


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