Brainwavz B100 earphones review

Brainwavz B100 Balanced Armature Earphones In-Depth Review

Brainwavz B100

Brainwavz recently launched their latest B-series earphones, The Brainwavz B100 and B150 in India. The B-series earphones by Brainwavz come integrated with Balanced Armature speaker technology. Which is known to produce high-grade audiophile quality sound at an affordable price. The Brainwavz B100, according to the company are the most affordable Balanced Armature earphones available in India.

Design and Build

The Brainwavz B100 comes with an over-the-ear design which for some is an effort to get in the ear, but once you get used to it, it's really comfortable. The earpieces have an unusual crescent shape but fit really well in the ear. The main drivers have no Brainwavz branding and are made of plastic. There is an 'L' and 'R' marking to aid better fit. The plastic helps to drain down the weight but doesn't give an elegant finish as the metal does.

Brainwavz B100

The cable comes with rubber coated over an oxygen-free copper core. The cable looks very normal. The rubber coating gives it a sporty look with a subtle touch. The cable is bent near the earpiece for over the ear design. The over the ear design helps the earphones to stay in place while running or jogging.

The earphones have a standard 3.5 mm 'L-shaped' jack which is compatible with most of the devices in the market. The jack is also gold-plated which while providing durability complements the overall look of the earphones.

There are six pairs of silicone tips included with the package(two each of small, medium and large). There is also a pair of medium comply T-100 foam tips included which provide noise isolation as well as superior comfort in the ear. A velcro to wrap the earphones and a clip is included with a strong carrying case for people who travel frequently.

Brainwavz B100

Overall, the Brainwavz B100 has a very subtle design with more emphasis to build quality and comfort rather than the looks. They aren't for flaunting off but certainly very useful for a daily usage. There is, however, no inline microphone which is a major concern concerning the price of these earphones.

Technical Specifications

The earphones run on a Single Balanced Armature driver with the impedance rating of 50Ω. The sensitivity of the earphones is rated at 110 dB at 1 mW. The frequency range of these earphones is at 15 Hz-to-22 kHz.  They come with an over the ear design with an oxygen free copper cable and a 3.5 mm gold-plated jack. All these technical specifications prove the quality of earphones but are a bit boring.

Brainwavz B100


We tested the Brainwavz B100 on various devices with a variety of sound file types. The Brainwavz B100 has good mids and lows but we felt like the highs were a bit off. The balanced armature technology provides good sound for long conversions, as well as pop music and the bass is really good.

Brainwavz B100

The only problem we faced was while shifting the song from one type to another, the adjustment would take a bit of time to get it right. This would not be a problem for most as people do not shift genres as often as we did in our testing.The absence of an in-line microphone obviously causes inconvenience during phone calls. The over the ear design makes sure the earphones stay in the ear while running or jogging. The noise cancellation is great which is partly due to the balanced armature technology and partly due to the comply tips included. The silicone tips included are of pretty good quality but feels uncomfortable in long sessions compared to the comply tips.

Brainwavz B100

The absence of an in-line microphone was felt, as it would have helped in answering calls. The over-the-ear design makes sure that the earphones stay where they are meant to be at all times. The noise cancellation is great in these earphones, which is partly due to the balanced armature technology that they come with and also due to the comply tips supplied in-the-box with these. The silicone tips included are of good quality.


The Brainwavz B100 is aimed at the Balanced Armature earphones market, which is highly untouched in India. Priced at ₹4,199, the B100 are one of the most reasonably priced earphones considering the build quality and the technology used. The sound is good, they are comfortable, and the build quality is sturdy. The only problem is the absence of an in-line microphone.

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