Here's how to protect your Samsung Galaxy Fold from breaking

Samsung Galaxy Fold units have already started breaking and here's how you can protect your 2000$ smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy Fold broke MKBHD
Samsung Galaxy Fold units have already started breaking. (Image: MKBHD)

Samsung announced one of the first foldable smartphones at their recent Unpacked event. The Samsung Galaxy Fold is finally up for pre-orders in the U.S. and the company has started giving away review units to the media. Within less than 24 hours, users have started complaining about the Galaxy Fold's screen. Here's how you can keep your Galaxy Fold safe when you get one.

Unlike the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 fiasco, this one is not that big of a problem. Apparently, Samsung shipped these review units without the warning sign that states "Attention: The main screen includes a special protective layer. Peeling off the protective layer or using any adhesives on the main screen, such as screen protectors, may cause damage."

As these units did not have a warning on them, users including Marques Brownlee from MKBHD removed the protective layer thinking it of as some sort of screen protector. That caused the damage to the main screen and his all-new foldable smartphone stopped working within a few hours of him unboxing it.

On the other hand, Dieter from TheVerge, claims that his unit of Samsung Galaxy Fold got a line on the main screen just after two days of usage. Notably, he did not peel off the protective layer and still got into a problem.

So, if you are looking out to buy a new Samsung Galaxy Fold, we would recommend to wait for a few weeks until more reviews come out. Also, if you managed to get one, make sure you do not peel off the protective layer, which will end up breaking up your all-new shiny 2000 USD smartphone.


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