How to make Close Friends on Instagram and stories that are visible only to them

Instagram has just introduced the new Close Friends feature that allows creating private stories. Here's how it works

Instagram introduces new 'Close Friends' feature

Instagram has introduced a cool new feature called Close Friends. As the name suggests,  it basically allows you to create a list of friends that are close to you. Using this feature, Instagram further allows you to create stories and posts that will be visible only to the list of friends that are added to you 'Close Friends' list.

How to add Close Friends

  • Open Instagram and head over to your profile tab
  • Here tap on the three line icon on the top right corner
  • Select Close Friends
  • You will get a list of suggested friends, where you can tap on 'Add' to add them to the list
  • You can also search for friends by typing their name

How to create stories that are visible only to Close Friends

  • Tap on Add Story (the icon has your profile picture with "+" symbol)
  • Click a picture or upload one
  • Now once the editing is done, tap on the Close Friends icon on the bottom left corner

Notably, Instagram stories that are created only for Close Friends will have a green circle around it instead of the regular multicolour.

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This feature is quite handy for those who want to upload pictures that they would like only a few people to see. Yes, Instagram earlier had privacy features with an option to block certain people from viewing your story. But, the new 'Close Friends' option has just made life easier for every Instagrammer out there. Also, do note that the feature will not be available on business accounts.


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