How to take a screenshot on your Samsung Galaxy S9/S8 or Note 8

Samsung Galaxy S8 Screenshot (3)
Even Bixby and take a screenshot for you

Since the introduction of iOS and Android operating systems, the one feature that we have always loved is the ability to capture screenshots. When the screenshots were introduced, there was only one way to take it, by holding a key combination. However, our smartphones have gotten smarter over the years and now there are various ways to take a simple screenshot. The Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+/S8/S8+ and the Note 8 can take screenshots in 5 different ways.

1. The Normal Way: Key Combination

Hold down the Power Button and Volume Down key to take a screenshot

This is one of the most popular ways in which people take screenshots. However, if you have just upgraded to an S9 from an S7 or older generation, you might be confused. In the Samsung Galaxy S7 and earlier generations, we used to take screenshots by holding down the power and the home button. Since the new smartphones come with an Infinity Display, they don’t have a home button. So, to take a screenshot you simply need to hold the power and the volume down key together in order to take a screenshot. Also, the Power+Volume Down key combination is common for most Android smartphones out there.

2. Palm Swipe to Capture

A Swipe of Palm can also capture a Screenshot on the Samsung Galaxy S8

Another popular method to take screenshots in the Samsung smartphones includes the palm swipe. Palm Swipe to capture has been on the Samsung smartphones since the introduction of the Samsung Galaxy S3 back in 2012. You can enable Palm swipe by following these simple steps:

  • Head over to Settings
  • Tap on Advanced features and tap on Palm Swipe to Capture
  • Make sure it is turned on

Now you can simply take a screenshot by swiping the edge of your palm across the screen. However, you cannot use the Palm Swipe feature when you are using the on-screen keyboard.

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3. Edge Screen: Smart Select

Smart Capture can be found in the Edge Panels of your smartphone

With the introduction of curved edges, Samsung also introduced a feature called Edge Screen. Edge Screen sits at one of the edges of your smartphone and can be called by just a swipe. The Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+/S8/S8+ and Note 8 all come with this feature as they have curved screens. To take screenshots using Smart Select, you need to make sure that your Edge Screen is turned on

  • Open up your phone’s Settings
  • Now go to Display and scroll down to find Edge Screen
  • In the Edge Screen section, Make sure Edge Panels is turned on
  • Also, in Edge Screen Smart Select should be checked

Bring out the Ede Screen by swiping left from the right edge. Scroll until you find Smart Select. Here you can select, Rectangle or Oval to take a part of the page as a screenshot. You can also use Animation in order to create a gif.

4. Bixby Voice Assistant

Hey Bixby “Take a Screenshot”

The Bixby Voice Assitant was introduced with the Samsung Galaxy S8. However, the voice assistant was not liked by everyone. The assistant is actually capable of doing a lot of tasks like even taking a screenshot.

  • Open up the page you want to screenshot
  • Fire up Bixby by saying “Hey Bixby”
  • Now say “Take a Screenshot”

Voila! Bixby just took a screenshot for you. You can navigate to the gallery to see the screenshot.

5. Google Assistant

Ok Google, “Take a Screenshot”

Just like the Bixby Voice Assistant, Google Assistant can also take screenshots for you. This feature not only works on the Samsung Galaxy S9, it works on all Android smartphones that have the Google Assistant.

  • Call up Google Assistant by saying “Ok Google”
  • Once the assistant pops up, say “Take a screenshot”

The Google Assitant did all the work for you and saved a screenshot in your gallery.


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