Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Hands-on Review

Last year, Samsung launched one of the best smartphones the industry had ever seen, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. It was destined to become the best Android phone of 2016. But then something bad happened. It started exploding literally. The battery started to explode randomly which led to cancellation and total recall of the device.

After the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 dented the image of Samsung and the Note series completely. After a year and long series of works, Samsung launched the Note 8 which is bigger, better and safer. The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 comes with infinity display, dual camera with both lenses having optical image stabilization, enhanced S pen and totally waterproof design even when the S pen is out. All for ₹68,900.


The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 boasts the same design trend as the Samsung Galaxy S8 duo. Infinity display with almost no bezels immersing users in the display. A persistent Bixby button at the side. Fully glass front and back with metal frame. Whats different is a bigger 6.3-inch Quad HD+ super AMOLED display. Addition of an S pen at the bottom which is better than before. And a 12MP dual camera setup with a normal lens and a telephoto lens. Whats interesting is both of them have optical image stabilization.

S Pen

The S pen is something Note users are familiar with. This time around the S pen is bigger and better than before. Its sensitivity has increased. And the device has been made waterproof no matter the S pen is inside the phone or outside. A feature of animated messages has been included to send a personal touch when texts and emojis can’t do the job. There is a feature of taking notes with the S Pen even when the screen is off. This can be pinned to the lock screen for easy access.


This is Samsungs first attempt at the dual camera setup and we have to say it is a great one. The dual camera setup at the back is one of its kind. It is a 12MP normal lens with a 12MP telephoto lens which can provide up to 2x optical zoom. It also enables users to take photos with the bokeh effect for highlighting what we love. Also, it has optical image stabilization in both of its lenses for perfect shots in an environment when the device is not stable.

Is Note 8 worth it?

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is one of the best smartphones of its lineup and maybe 2017. With a big 3,300mAh battery and dual camera setup and its infinity display, there is nothing that can match it. It is an improvement to the great S8 with S pen and a dual camera setup at the back. In all for ₹67,900, it is a bit pricy but definitely worth its price.

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