Snapchat reveals new feature to compete with rivals

Snap Inc. on Friday announced that they would be adding a feature in theirĀ application. Snapchat where users can now search through images and videos that other users have posted as public.


This new announcement came after Facebook encouraged users to take more photos and edit them in Facebook by adding digital stickers just like Snapchat.

Snapchat adds new feature

Snapchat posted a blog post stating. This new update will enable users to search snaps(photos and videos) posted to the Our Story option using artificial intelligence(machine learning technology).


The "Our Story" feature lets Snapchat users post their Snaps from the day be a part of a larger public collection. Thus allowing the users to search for the latest updates. Like users can add a local basketball game snaps into Our Story. After those other users can search for that and view it.

The company says that this feature will be rolled out in stages starting Friday when it will be released in a few cities globally. This feature will be an addition to the curated stories section, where all major events already appear.

Snapchat though starting the trend. Where people share images with each other on a daily basis that have an expiration time. Is now facing tough competition from multi-billion dollar companies like Facebook, Whatsapp, and Instagram. Thus, it has to stay ahead in the game with new features that people like to retain the market share.

Utilizing these new feature users will be able to search for various stories. Thus making the application more accessible to people.


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