Top 5 PUBG Tips and Tricks: Here's how to win a chicken dinner every time

Here are some easy tips and tricks that will help you get better at the game and easily win most of the chicken dinners.

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Player Unknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) is available on multiple platforms

PUBG (PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds) is currently one of the most popular games on PC, smartphones and consoles. The battle royale game has been here for a while now and players are still struggling to master it. Here is a list of five tips and tricks that can help you in becoming a better player.

PUBG Tips and Tricks: Break the door!

PUBG Mobile, tips and tricks, chicken dinner
Throwing a molotov can break the door

Many competitors like taking cover inside small buildings. They know people will come their way hoping they might get a good loot, however, getting close to them can get you killed. But to remedy this, if you feel there is an enemy hiding behind a door, you can break it.

To do so just throw a Molotov on the door, which will break it and blast inside the building. This way you can deal a huge amount of damage to anyone standing close to the door as well as the break the door for getting a clear view inside the building.

PUBG Tips and Tricks: Drop faster

pubg, pubg mobile, tips and tricks
Maintain a speed of 234 km/h to drop faster

One of the most important things a player needs to learn in PUBG is how to land faster. It helps them in getting the supplies quickly and start killing enemies even before they land.

To land faster, you need to look directly down and glide sideways. This way you will maintain the maximum speed of 234 km/h and land faster than most of your enemies. Once you master this trick, you can allow you friends to follow you and make them land faster as well.

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PUBG Tips and Tricks: Looking for enemies

PUBG Mobile, tips and tricks, chicken dinner
Peek and shoot the enemy as fast as you can

There are times when someone is shooting at you but, you do not see anyone around. Even looking at the radar does not help. In such scenarios, try to take cover behind some kind of structure immediately and look around for trees and rocks as many players take cover there and then shoot. Peek and shoot before they kill you! and if that's not possible just spray and prey.

PUBG Tips and Tricks: Never stand still

PUBG (2)
It is always better to take cover

When you are out in the open gathering loot from a crate, never stand still. If you stand still you'll become an easy target for your opponents. Rather we recommend that you keep to moveing a little bit to have momentum if somebody starts shooting at you.

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PUBG Tips and Tricks: Fake Shooting

Coming to the last tip that you can make use off, is fake shooting. If you know where your enemy is, insist him to peek by shooting a few bullets.

You can even use a grenade to get his attention. Remember, fake shooting should be on the other side and not at the enemy himself. This will make him peek and look out for what is happening.

As you already know his position, you can quickly kill him even before he spots you.